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How To Tell If Someone Is A Stoner


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Stoners are always looking for like minded people because it’s more fun to share than it is to smoke alone. So if you’re wandering around looking for someone to smoke some herb with, then you better know how to tell if someone is a stoner. We don’t think we should define what is a stoner or the stoner personality, but we thinks it’s important to say, just as a disclaimer, that you can get some pretty strange reactions if you wander up to a non-smoker asking if they want to share your joint.

Some people has in their minds the “classic stoner with dreads” or the hippie kind when we talk about how to spot a stoner, but it’s not that easy nowadays. There are even people that ask the differences between pothead vs stoner… Well, if you’re one of those, there are no differences between stoner and pothead, it’s a different word to designate the same concept. Those people are probably here wanting stoner quizzes to know if they smoke enough weed to become one or questions to ask a stoner to reveal their identity as if it was that easy. So, if you are one of those searching for a magic formula, we can tell you that these tricks will work better.


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