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How to Store Weed Properly


Now that you know how long weed can be kept, you need to know how to store weed properly.

Weed can only last if you keep it properly, use the right container and maintain the right conditions, and even then it will still decay over time.

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Control the Temperature

One of the most important factors when it comes to storing weed is getting the right temperature. Anything in the ballpark of 21 degrees Celsius should be good. Basically, this is room temperature for most people. Any temperature that is too hot can lead to the development of mould, especially if the environment is also humid or if the weed comes into contact with moisture.

High heat will always result in the development of moisture, even in arid climates. With that said, overly cold or even freezing temperatures will not do either, as this will also result in damage to terpenes and trichomes. Keep your weed stored in an area where the temperature is easy to control, and certainly not next to any appliances that generate heat such as heaters, radiators and more.

Eliminate Exposure to Light and Oxygen

Light and oxygen are two culprits that are often responsible for the aging or decay of items, especially organic and consumable items. Scientists have long known that UV light degrades weed through the process of converting THC to a different kind of cannabinoid that has no psychoactive effects. While consuming this kind of degraded weed is not harmful the same way consuming mouldy weed is, it’s also just a waste of time.

The same is true for oxygen exposure, because the terpenes and cannabinoids in your weed will degrade as they dry out, and exposure to oxygen can accelerate the drying process. Oxidization can make various foodstuffs become unsavoury and it can do the same to weed, changing its colour and smell. For this reason, you should limit the number of times you open and close the storage container.

Avoid Humidity and Moisture

When it comes to temperature control, one of the biggest things you are setting out to avoid by making the temperature just right is excessive humidity and the development of moisture.

Moisture is the primary culprit for the development of mould or mildew. This can occur in cooler temperatures as well as warmer temperatures, though it is more prevalent in the latter. The good news is that products such as humidity packs exist nowadays. You can store them with your weed inside the container, and these humidity packs should help keep the moisture levels to a minimum.

Find the Right Container

Photo by: Jay Heike

The best thing you can do to store weed properly is to find the right container. Here are some characteristics your weed container should fulfill:

  • Opaque: this is to block out unwanted UV light
  • Green or brown coloured: if you do not have an opaque container, containers in these colours can counter UV lights. This is why beer bottles are typically green or brown.
  • Airtight: your storage container should have a seal that is reliable. A good example is a pill bottle as they are already designed to be more airtight than tupperwares or other containers. You can wrap the pill bottle in paper to make it opaque.
  • The right size: if you only have a small amount of weed, do not use a container that is way too big. Excess space can result in the development of moisture and makes for easier introduction of bacteria. Mason jars are typically a good size for most users, though you should try and wrap the jar in paper as well.

Now that you have the right container, make sure to store it in a dark, cool and dry place. Pantries, bookshelves and desk drawers are good candidates.

We hope these tips helped you learn how to store weed properly. For more information and news of cannabis, follow us on @cannalifenet.


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