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How to Quickly Get Rid of the Smell of Weed with Powerful Home Remedies


get rid of weed smell

Even if cannabis is already legalized in more places than ever, with a record-breaking number of Americans supporting it, there are still many reasons cannabis users have to be discreet about their use. Perhaps you may be renting your home and your landlord or neighbors aren’t allowing the use of weed, or maybe you have to hide it from your parents, or from visitors who are coming over on short notice. No matter what reason you have to prevent disclosing your cannabis use, we’ve got you covered.


The good news is that concealing the smell of weed is easy and inexpensive. You can even use some ingredients that you already may have laying around at home. Check out these tried-and-tested tips and tricks:




Burning incense is an extremely effective way of masking the smell of weed, even while you’re smoking. It will also eliminate any lingering odors of smoke or the dank smell from your stash. Incense sticks are inexpensive and so easy to find – you might even have a few sticks laying around your home.


Some incense scents work better than others at hiding the smell of weed. For the job, try grapefruit, lemongrass, sandalwood, frankincense, jasmine, and gardenia. Nag champa is also widely sold in markets, head shops, and tobacco stores because it’s a popular and proven way to conceal the smell of weed especially if you have stubborn smells that keep lingering. There are organic versions of nag champa available.


Cinnamon sticks


If you enjoy the smell of cinnamon, it’s one of the best ways to quickly hide the smell of weed. Cinnamon has a strong, overpowering odor that will certainly cover the aroma of marijuana even while you are passing around a joint with your friends in your apartment.


To use cinnamon, just boil a few cinnamon sticks or sprinkle ground cinnamon in a pot of boiling water. You can even add some vanilla extract to amplify its masking properties. Trust us, your home will smell amazing after this.


Coffee grounds


If you have old coffee laying around, you can use coffee beans or ground coffee. Toast them up in a pan for a fast-acting way to completely deodorize your home of the scent of marijuana.


You can even use coffee grounds to mask the smell from your car. Simply place a bag of coffee grounds in your vehicle, and allow it to sit for around 24 hours. Coffee is a well-known odor neutralizer and deodorizer: it’s accessible, cheap, and easy. Because of its strong and dominant smell, coffee works so well even to cover up the aroma of terpenes.


Palo santo


Palo santo sticks are a popular alternative way of clearing negative energy in a space. It has a high resin content that has been believed since antiquity to get rid of negativity and obstacles in a space, all while attracting good fortune.


But did you know that palo santo is also effective in removing the smell of weed? If you have some palo santo sticks lying around your home, this is a great last-minute way to mask the smell of smoked marijuana. Sage is also used for the same reason, and similarly, burning a stick of sage does a fantastic job at hiding the smell of weed.


Burn a candle


Scented candles are always a terrific way to spruce up the smell of any room, especially if you are trying to get rid of marijuana odor. There are tons of excellent candles out there, and some have even been formulated specifically to get rid of odors. There are even candles made specifically for removing cannabis odor! If you can’t find it, any candle made with natural ingredients will do the job just fine.


If you are using scented candles, it’s always recommended to burn it half an hour before you intend to blaze.


Cooking aromatics


Need to entertain guests while hiding the smell of weed? No problem: just whip up an easy recipe using strong aromatics such as onions, garlic, and spices. These will effectively mask the smell of weed and instead will have your neighbors wondering what delicious dish you’re cooking.


Clean surfaces


The stench of weed can actually penetrate hard surfaces, making them stubborn and hard to get rid of even if you’ve deodorized the air. Using a strongly-scented spray on tabletops, shelves, countertops, walls, chairs, and other furniture in the rooms you smoke in – especially if you’ve been hotboxing them.


There are many natural and strongly-scented sprays out there that you can use for this purpose. Better yet, opt for non-toxic products so you can have peace of mind that you aren’t causing harm to yourself or anyone who gets into contact with the cleaner.


Odor-absorbing gels


Odor-absorbing gels are manufactured specifically to get rid of unwanted smells, and they can be used for cannabis. They work by simply placing them by the vents of your room, or right next to the source of the stench. These are inexpensive and easy to find in groceries or hardware depots.


Scented wreaths


Wreaths are not limited in use for just the holiday season. These days, creative craftsmen and artists are already making scented wreaths made out of a mixture of flowers and herbs which simply smell amazing no matter where you keep them.


Scented wreaths make for beautiful décor in any room all while helping mask the smell of weed. They are usually produced seasonally so you might be in luck this season or next with some delicious smelling aromatics that you can hang on the wall.




Every household will usually have vinegar. And just like coffee, this is a household remedy for hiding the smell of weed. To use vinegar, just put some in small saucers around your home especially in rooms where you smoke. You can add some baking soda to help get rid of lingering odors.


What is your favorite way to hide the smell of weed?









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