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How to order weed delivery online with Leafly Canada


Cannabis in Canada is legal throughout the entire country and, in most provinces, available for delivery from a licensed retailer straight to your door. This means you don’t need a medical cannabis authorization—often referred to as a medical marijuana license—to order weed in Canada.

Online cannabis delivery is available in most provinces, but still, new consumers consistently report being mystified by this new access option. They’re used to either calling their hook-up or going into a licensed store for the dispensary experience. Plus, since the sale of cannabis is regulated by the province, it can be hard to figure out who delivers what, and to where.

But that was then, and this is now— enter Leafly’s delivery portal!

It’s 2022: Order weed delivery online with Leafly.

How to use Leafly for weed delivery

Yes, we live in a world where you can order cannabis like pizza or an Amazon package.

And using Leafly weed delivery begins with the fun part—shopping! Once you’ve picked your products from a retail store near you, the rest is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

The order is placed online through Leafly’s delivery portal and the products come from your chosen licensed store. After placing the order, you’ll get a confirmation email or text, as well as a delivery time estimate.

When the delivery arrives, show your ID, the card you ordered with*, and take your goods.

*COVID killed cash payments in Canada, so a retail store will likely call to collect your payment information after you place your order. Be patient, online payment for weed in Canada is coming soon!

Here are the basic steps:

1. Go to Leafly’s Delivery Portal—Once you set your location, it shows you what’s on tap from places that deliver in your area.

It’s located at on your mobile or desktop browsers. (Coming soon to the Leafly App)

2. Fill your cart with the stuff you like.

It goes in your bag in the top right corner of your browser window. Keep your bag under 30 grams and hit checkout.

You can search by product type (flower, concentrates, oil, etc.) as well as price, weight, and brand. And FYI: our menu search options are in ounces, so dust off your dime bag arithmetic or check out this easy conversion table below:

Ounces (oz) Grams (g)
1 28
1/2 14
1/4 7
1/8 3.5

3. Check out.

Expect to provide typical personal info, just like you have to do for alcohol delivery: proof of age, address, delivery window, etc. If cash payment isn’t an option, retailers will contact you for debit or credit options.

4. Sit back and track your order.

You’ll get texts and emails confirming your order, as well as updates. Now’s the time to clean your bong.

I ordered this weed and a pizza at the same time. I was blazed by the time the food arrived. (Ashley Keenan/Leafly)

5. Receive your bud. Meet your driver at the door with ID, some retailers will ask you to also have the card you paid with.

Cannabis delivery FAQ’s

Why should I use Leafly delivery?

Online sales of cannabis can feel like a minefield in Canada, and it isn’t always easy to tell a legal store from an illegal one. Leafly Delivery lets you quickly browse and buy legal cannabis products without the research.

You can choose among multiple delivery services competing on price, operating hours, delivery times, minimum orders, service areas, menu selection, menu emphasis, and degree of customer service.

What do I need to order recreational weed delivery?

You need a computer or mobile phone, a valid ID, and money. You’ll also need a residential address for delivery (that isn’t a P.O. Box).

Do I need my ID to get weed delivery?

Yes, you must be the age of majority in your province and have a photo ID. Most provinces are 19+ with the exception of Alberta (18), and Quebec (21). Make sure to check the expiration date and make sure your photo ID is valid.


How to get weed in every province in Canada

How much does weed delivery cost?

Delivery fees can vary from $0 up to $20 dollars depending on the service and your order size. Some cannabis retail stores also have minimum order requirements for delivery.

How long does weed delivery take?

It can happen the same hour, or day, or the next day, depending on the delivery service you choose. Retailers set their own delivery windows and hours vary by availability.

How much should I expect to pay in taxes for weed delivery?

Cannabis in Canada is taxed federally (excise tax) and provincially. I would love to write that weed is taxed at X% but it isn’t that simple. Taxes on cannabis are complicated math equations based on province and product. Don’t worry, we will calculate the taxes for you at checkout.


How to get medical cannabis in Canada (from a licensed doctor)

Do I need my medical marijuana card to get weed delivery?

Medical cannabis in Canada is a different system and is not sold in retail stores (or available through Leafly for delivery). If you are thinking about using cannabis for a medical condition, you should consult a medical professional. There are a number of excellent and reputable cannabis clinics across the country.

How much should I tip cannabis couriers?

Tipping is optional but always appreciated. Twenty percent is always nice if you get great service. Some retailers even allow you to add tips prior to delivery, in case you don’t have hard cash.

Most provinces allow for delivery, in some form or another. Some have third-party delivery like Pineapple Express, but most require actual retail store staff to deliver.

Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI do not offer delivery at this time (although you can purchase weed for delivery through the mail).

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