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How to incorporate CBD into your daily routine, from sunrise to sunset, with Fusion CBD Products


Find the right CBD for every part of your day with Fusion CBD Product’s exciting, versatile lineup of hemp-based products. 

From new products to natural remedies, a quick internet search proves there are about a million and one recommendations out there for how to improve your daily wellness. But, with an overwhelming amount of options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine what might work best for you.

CBD—beloved but underutilized—is a great place to start. While it’s often recommended to support pain relief, balance anxiety, and help along a better night’s sleep, CBD has the power to do even more. With a diverse lineup of hemp-based products to support energy, recovery, and relaxation, Fusion CBD Products is a one-stop-shop for those looking to upgrade every part of their daily routine.

Fusion CBD Products offers an array of premium, high-quality hemp-based products ideal for those living an active lifestyle. Founded in 2016, the Miami-based company made its mark with Fusion Coffee Beans, gourmet coffee blends designed to pair perfectly with CBD oil or your favorite weed strain.

With a diverse lineup of hemp-based products to support energy, recovery, and relaxation, Fusion CBD Products is a one-stop-shop for those looking to upgrade every part of their daily routine.

Since their start, Fusion has grown to provide even more products to help optimize your daily routine, whether you’re a sidewalk stroller or competitive athlete. Offering CBD oils, sports drinks, gummies, and more, Fusion partners with FDA-registered and GMP-certified US-based farms to ensure all of their products are made with 100% organic, non-GMO, THC-free hemp extract—the highest quality available on the market.

And as trusted purveyors of high-quality hemp-based products, it only makes sense that Fusion is now applying its premium process to produce delta-8 THC products so that you can enjoy the mellow intoxicating effects of standard THC’s chiller cousin from a brand you know commits to quality where it counts.

With its diverse portfolio, Fusion makes sure you can find the quality hemp-based solutions you need to support a well-rounded daily routine. Whether you’re looking to infuse energy and focus into your morning, prepare your body to work hard and recover faster for the active parts of your day, or clear your mind in the evening to get the relaxation you need to do it all again—Fusion is in your corner.

So, how can CBD improve your overall wellness? Check out some recommended products from Fusion CBD Products to see how you can enhance your daily routine.


No matter when you rise, mornings can be rough. Most of us need a little extra help in the early hours of the day, and more often than not we reach for a cup of coffee to do the trick. But if you’re not drinking premium coffee, you might not get the boost you need or, worse, you might experience the dreaded afternoon crash. Fusion’s cannabis coffee blends are designed to help you avoid the pitfalls of your regular morning routine and make the most out of your day. 

Fusion CBD Products
Courtesy fo Fusion CBD Products

High-energy CBD-infused Coffee Pack

Designed to kick your morning into high gear, Fusion’s High-energy CBD-infused Coffee Pack is perfect for early risers (or those who need a little push to get out of bed). Including a bag of 100% Arabica coffee beans or ground coffee and a bottle of organic, full-spectrum CBD oil, the High-energy CBD-infused Coffee Pack offers a well-balanced, energizing start to your day. 

Though the coffee is uniquely designed to showcase its bold blend of flavors when infused with CBD oil (available in French Vanilla or the ever-festive Pumpkin Spice), it’s also perfect for those who prefer to pair their coffee with a little weed. When paired alongside your favorite energizing strain, this coffee will take your day to a whole new level. 

Adventure CBD-infused Coffee Pack

Looking to ride out your caffeine boost a little longer? The Adventure CBD-infused Coffee Pack is the perfect, balanced pick-me-up for days when you need some extra oomph. Like the High-energy CBD-infused Coffee Pack, this pack includes gourmet beans or ground coffee and a bottle of full-spectrum CBD oil designed to complement the coffee’s unique flavor profile. The Adventure coffee offers bold, earthy, and subtly sweet notes that pair perfectly with CBD oil or your favorite balanced strain. Avoid midday slumps and adverse reactions to excess caffeine with this perfect blend.


Whether you spend your days training in the gym or working in the office, taking advantage of that time is key. Fusion offers a variety of products to ensure you’re making use of that time and treating your body well while you do so. For those who’d like to improve the quality of their work during the midday hours, there are several options to increase energy and focus. For people with more active days (competitive athletes or those with other physically demanding careers), there are products specifically designed to help you make strides in your training and optimize recovery time. 

Energy and Focus Softgels

The Energy and Focus Softgels are designed to help you get through the most demanding hours of your day. Offering extended periods of focus and increased energy without the crash of caffeine or sugar, the pure, 100% organic CBD capsules are perfect for those who want to stay on top of the task at hand, whether that’s a creative project or a long day of athletic training. With 20 mg and 10 mg capsules, you’ll also be able to choose your preferred intake. 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Fusion CBD Products
Courtesy of Fusion CBD Products

Athletes, the time has come to ditch your suspect post-workout supplements. With Fusion’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil, you’ll be able to optimize training time and recover more quickly without compromising on the quality of what you put in your body. Made with pure, potent, and fast-absorbing hemp oil, these CBD drops are formulated to aid with muscle tension and pain, swelling, nausea, and vomiting, improve digestion and appetite, and promote overall harmony in body and mind. Easily diffused in tea, water, smoothies, and other beverages, Fusion’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil can help you improve your training routine and feel your best throughout the day. 


After a long day of working or training, you deserve to take the edge off and chill out a bit. One of our favorite ways to kickback is, obviously, with a little bit of a buzz. Whether you’re trying to unwind or get a good night’s sleep, Fusion’s hemp-derived delta-8 products can get you there in a big way with intoxicating effects and versatile formats.

Delta-8 sugar wax

Whether you’re trying to take a load off physically or mentally, delta-8 sugar wax from Fusion is a great way to do it. With heavy terps and rich flavor, it’s the perfect choice for a night on the couch. Dabbers delight, this delta-8 sugar wax delivers hard-hitting flavor and chilled out vibes that will strip away all the stress of your day.*

Delta-8 vegan gummies

Fusion CBD Products
Courtesy of Fusion CBD Products

If edibles are more your vibe for nighttime consumption, Fusion has delta-8 gummies that taste great and pack 25mg of delta-8 per piece to help you drift off into a restful and relaxing evening. With flavors like Watermelon-Cherry, Orange-Tang, and Lemon-Citrus, these gummies make for a pre-midnight snack you’ll look forward to at the end of a long day.*

Delta-8 moon rocks

Are you ready to really dig into a night of rest and relaxation? Go ahead and try Fusion’s delta-8 moon rocks, designed to deliver serious relaxation and improve your overall mood. Smoked alone or alongside your favorite strain, delta-8 moon rocks are made by taking high-quality hemp flower, soaking it in delta-8 distillate, and rolling it in kief for an oh-so potent way to help you unwind. Particularly useful after a long day of training or grueling work, this delta-8 format might become your new go-to.*

To pick up the product that’s right for you and see even more solutions to support a well-rounded wellness routine, visit Fusion CBD Products online.

*Leafly Novel Cannabinoid Disclaimer:

Use and possession may be restricted by law. This product may expose you to harmful chemical byproducts.

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