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How to Improve your Cannabis Business


Looking to step it up and find ways to improve your cannabis business in this growing industry? It seems like everywhere you look, and on every other block, new cannabis dispensaries are opening up. Cannabis is indeed (no pun intended) a growing industry — No wonder everyone wants a piece of the success. Are you thinking about investing your money through opening your own cannabis shop? Or, already established a spot for yourself? Then read on for tips of the trade that could help you step it up. The industry is so competitive, so why not try to stand out against the rest?

A Step Above The Competition

Many companies or brands feel compelled to add the now-iconic cannabis leaf to every ad or display pre-rolls and smoke. Others rely on stoner stereotypes. Try to differentiate yourself from them. Do something that will stand out and set you apart. A surefire way to improve your cannabis business is to do your research, and by checking in with the competition, you can see what you need to compare. Furthermore, keep in mind, what kind of demographic is living within a radius of your shop?

Being part of a successful business is not as easy as it looks. Just because you are in a booming industry does not mean there are no obstacles. First things first, do you have the start-up capital required? Do you have investors, or are you going at it alone? Lastly, are you aware of the licenses you need, and can you obtain them? There is a lot of red tape involved before you open your doors and start seeing profits.

Without federal approval, the cannabis business is not without risk. Whether your focus is on medical or recreational — cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, transport/delivery or dispensary — facility owners and operators should prioritize compliance and security to stay on the right side of the law, protect their investments, employees, and customers.

Safety and Security

Staff training is a key aspect of physical safety and security and will improve your cannabis business. Adequate training enables staff to deal with any crises that might come up. Some other important security measures are:

  • Post a security professional by the front door and any other entryways.
  • Having cameras, intrusion detection and door access control systems in place and making them obvious.
  • Have a silent alarm and ensure all staff know its location and how to use it discreetly.
  • Conducting regular testing and inspection of security measures and practices for effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

Marketing Strategies

Perhaps the most important aspect of any business is marketing it effectively. You could have everything you need from licenses to the best products out there, but if customers don’t know you exist, good luck achieving any foot traffic through your shop.

Online and Social Media Presence

With the convenience of cell phones and data plans, a central part of web traffic comes from smartphones and other mobile devices. Make mobile optimization a priority if you want to remain competitive.

Google and other popular search engines are like the yellow pages of the internet. If a potential customer is looking for what you sell, they will type it in a search engine, so maintain a healthy search ranking. Make sure you constantly update your website with good keywords that bring people to your site.

If you own a business, social media is your best friend! Why? Because it’s free advertising and one of the most popular ways to reach your demographic. You would be hard-pressed to find any company without a strong social media presence. The key is to have constant, up-to-date, eye-catching content and engage with your followers frequently.

More than anything, people want to connect with the brands they use. Having a story to tell will help your customers connect to your business emotionally, which is fundamental to building any relationship. Stories are also an excellent way to communicate your brand values. They can also help people put faces to a brand. When they can connect with the people on your team, they will feel better about buying from you.

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