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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in San Diego, Online!


After a licensed medical marijuana doctor in San Diego issues a doctor’s recommendation, a patient is legally able to purchase cannabis from medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego and throughout all of California as well.

In the past, residents have then had to frequently travel to the few cannabis dispensaries in the area to purchase products. Unfortunately, San Diego County has traditionally issued very strict zoning ordinances which have made it difficult for licensed dispensaries to get up and running; leaving dispensaries scattered across town with many offices moving from location to location. It’s worth noting that these restrictions are about to change with the legalization of recreational marijuana in California thanks to Proposition 64.

Recently, however, these regulations have allowed for a boom in cannabis delivery services around since zoning regulations do not apply to delivery. The convenience of this trend works well for patients, yet not all dispensaries are created equal as some are licensed and some are not (best to check out to find and order from the best delivery services in San Diego).

The last thing a new patient wants is to go through the hassle of traveling to see a weed doctor in San Diego and receive a recommendation only to end up purchasing from an unregulated dispensary. Also, keep in mind that an MMJ card is different from a medical marijuana prescription. So, even though you may be prescribed medical marijuana you won’t be able to walk into a dispensary and purchase weed with this alone. You’ll need to use your prescription to obtain your MMJ card, to be permitted entry to medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego and throughout the state.


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