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How to Clean a Dab Rig- Hail Mary Jane Guide to Keeping your Sh*t Clean

First, you will want to use your torch to heat the banger or nail. If you do not have a big mess to clean up, this should really do the trick for you.

But in other instances, try using a wet cotton swab that has rubbing alcohol on it. And if that still is not cleaning up all of the residue buildups, seal the nail banger in a plastic bag or container and let it soak In the rubbing alcohol. If the plastic bag is the route you are taking, add some salt to it as well and swish it around. 

Next, you will want to pour out all of the used water before you can start to really clean the rig. Remembering to switch out the water after each use is key to avoid any nasty buildup and continue to have a tasty dab. 

After pouring out the water, fill the bottom of your rig with rubbing alcohol. If you want to really clean it well, add the coarse sea salt to it first until the entire bottom of it is covered in salt. 

You will then want to cover the holes of the dab rig and shake the mixture well. This will help to move some of the residues from the reclaim. 

Once the reclaim has been cleaned off all areas of the dab rig, rinse everything in warm water.

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