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How To Buy Weed Guide: 15 Rules For New Weed Buyers


4. A lot of the time, marijuana dealers will give you a great deal the first time and then you may notice your bags getting lighter and lighter. If this happens, ask the dealer how much is in the bag and either weigh it or ask him to (if you can).

5. If you are meeting up with your dealer or they are delivering, you have to be patient, they’re not weed delivery apps. I know, it sucks but a lot of dealers are on “stoner time” and will take a while to get there. You just have to deal with it sometimes but you have to realize they have lives too.

6. Here are some examples of the proper way to ask your dealer for weed via phone/text: “What up? got any?” “hey man, you good?” or “Can I meet up with you.”

7. Find a good spot to stash your weed while getting it home. Either in your car or on your person. DO NOT put your weed in that little pocket in your jeans, that’s the first place cops look. Discreet stash boxes come in handy. They now have Arizona Iced Tea, Monster Energy, household items, pantry supplies and soda can looking stash cans.

8. If you are a female, being a little flirty can have it’s perks. Guys are suckers for cute girls and when it comes down to it, he will give you the bigger bag than he will give me if he even thinks there’s a chance with you.

9. Master the pass and go handshake. If you are dealing with guys in the street or in public, often times they will pass you the weed and expect you to pass the money simultaneously. It’s not that hard, just practice with a friend if you need to.

10. If you are buying small quantities, have exact change! No one wants to have the extra work of giving you change for the dime you just bought if they don’t have to.

11. Look comfortable. If you look nervous, it will make your dealer nervous. Just act casual like you do this every day (which you probably will be soon).


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