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How to Avoid eBay Vero Violations

My Reselling Resources

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I’m selling all of my inventory in the boxes that it’s stored in. If I gave you value over the years, maybe pick a box and support me into the next transition.

★ Join my Premium Reseller Mentorship($35/month)
I host M-F Live Zoom Calls M-F to help you master reselling.
We include a FB group to help with accountability and any questions.
I run the group w/ 7 Figure top 1,000 reseller @technsports
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★ In the mentorship above, both of us include our exact processes.

★ I outline all of my processes and supplies at

All my eBay Supplies (Affiliate link)
★ YouTube Supplies and Equipment
★ Mac Mini M1 (Best Computer Ever)
★ 10′ Lightning Cable
★ Rollo Printer
It’s slightly cheaper at
★ Generic Rollo Labels
★ Dymo Printer
★ Generic Dymo Labels for Avery
★ Small Light Box
★ My Giant 6′ Tall Light Box
★ Shoe Cleaning Supplies
★ Power Generator for Storage Unit:
★ Non Stick Poly-bags
★ Cardboard Shoe Trees
★ Scotty Price Tag Remover
★ Jiffy Steamer
★ Metal Husky Shelves I Use:
★ My Storage Boxes are 30x8x8 and I got them from

Free Stuff That Pays Me An Affiliate:
★ Free Robinhood Stock:
★ $10 When You Start Trading $100 in Crypto:

Cash Back Reward Programs
★ Rakuten $30
★ iBotta: $10
★ BeFrugal: $10
★ GoCashBack: $5+5%
★ Lolli $5 in Bitcoin

Public Stores & Resources:
★ eBay Biz Policies (Must have a Store)
★ Free USPS Shipping Supplies:
★ Life Insurance:
★ Get $10 for Joining me on Poshmark. Use code: DAILYREFINEMENT
★ Get up to $30 for Joining me on Mercari.

YouTube Resources:
★ BINGE MY Playlist of My Top Free Tips to Make $1k/Week Selling Online (For all Levels, Beginners and Expert)
★ Want to support the channel? You can now buy me a beer via PayPal using this link: I like Pliny the Elder, it’s $6.
★ Join/Sponsor My Channel:
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Most of these links are affiliate links. I get paid a small commission at no additional cost to you. In some cases, it’s cheaper to buy through me. Cheers!


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