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How Much THC Is In A Vape Pen?


You’re probably curious, “How much THC do you get from a vaporizer?”, but there is no definitive answer.

Different variables like …

  • Cartridge potency
  • Individual dosage; and
  • THC content percentage

… play a role in how much THC you might be consuming when using a cannabis vape pen.

You can attempt to calculate your THC intake by starting with a full cartridge and taking consistent pulls until the cartridge is empty, keeping track of how many pulls it took for you to finish.

Your calculations would depend on the tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) level of your cartridge. 

For example:

  • 75% distilled cartridge = 750 mg
  • 20% distilled cartridge = 200 mg

By smoking marijuana, you lose a higher amount of THC. It burns off into the air and is lost as side smoke that is not being inhaled. You could end up inhaling about 25% of the total THC from your cannabis.

With a cannabis vape pen, you can increase the amount of THC you inhale by 20


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