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How Long Does THC Oil Stay in Your System?

You may have heard the terms THC oil, cannabis oil, or weed oil used interchangeably — which can make things confusing.

There is a difference. That difference is based on the levels of THC (the psychoactive element) and CBD (non-psychoactive) in the oils.

As we mentioned before, cannabis refers to a broad classification of plants: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis.  

Cannabis oil refers to both:

  • Hemp oil or CBD oil derived from the sativa species that contain CBD and less than 0.3% THC; and
  • Weed oil derived from either sativa or indica containing CBD and high levels of THC. 

THC oil (as the name suggests) is extracted specifically for high levels of THC and contains negligible levels of CBD.  

Returning to the question, how long does weed oil stay in your system?

That’s determined by how much THC and CBD are in your weed oil. 

Generally, oils and tinctures placed under the tongue tend to take longer to metabolize. 

THC and CBD combinations can stay in your system for 7 days or more when influenced by additional factors. Continue reading for a deeper look at what factors can influence this timeline and how.

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