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How Long Does It Take For an Edible to Kick In?


How Long Does It Take For an Edible to Kick In?

On the days when we feel most stressed, anxious, or really in the mood for it, an excellent puff would do the trick. Cannabis is medically proven to relieve stress. That’s why its public demand increased and more creative ways of including it in our lifestyle—one of which is edibles.


Edibles are marijuana-based food products that are usually in the form of brownies, gummies, and drinks. However, skeptics have also criticized its effectiveness since they can’t entirely see how much weed is in there. If you’re one of those people who want to give edibles a try, this article will answer your question of how long it takes to kick in.


Types of Edibles


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Edibles come in different shapes and sizes. The most common edibles are infused in solid food, but liquid forms also work the same way. The following are the most popular solid edibles:

  • Gummies – Come in different forms and colours. These are gelatin-based chewy candies that can be sweet or sour in flavour. They are easy to make and shape, making it easy to infuse the exact Cannabis dosage into the product.
  • Brownies – These have always been a go-to edible because chocolate makes everything taste better, then add weed in it, and it’s perfect. You have to include weed in the batter mix and wait until it’s cooked and you have yourself some edible.


How Long Does It Take to Kick In?


Unlike natural smoked weed, you will take longer to feel its effect because it goes through your digestive system. It usually kicks in around 30 minutes to two hours after consumption. However, this depends on the dose and time of your last meal. If your stomach is empty before eating an edible, chances are you’ll feel a more decisive kick because your taste sensibility is more stimulated.


Although they take longer to digest, one type of edible can kick in 15 to 45 minutes after consumption—candies. Since some THCs, the primary psychoactive compound in Cannabis, are absorbed under the tongue, you will feel it subtly kicking in faster.


How Long Does It Last?


One benefit of using edibles is their more prolonged stay in your system. Compared to smoked Cannabis, the body absorbs the THC longer; it also retains it longer. Although factors such as tolerance and dosage matter, the typical time edibles last is around four to six hours, with some cases reaching up to 12 hours.


Where to Get Edibles


You can get your preferred edibles from a MoM dispensary in Canada. You can buy your items in an online catalog and get them delivered to you through the mail and dispensed right after. Since not everyone has free time, MoMs are an excellent way for hassle-free transactions.




As people have become more open to Cannabis and diamond concentrates and their medical and recreational use, alternatives such as edibles are great for people who want to try a different medium other than smoking. It can also be a starter for those who want to get into Cannabis but don’t want a puff; however, it may take time to kick in.


If you’ve decided on trying an edible but don’t know how to get one, you can consider MoM to make your session subtle but safe while saving you the stress of getting it yourself from someone.




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