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Herbal smoking blend | Terpene puff | Stonerindia Review

Today’s video is on herbal smoking blends by terpene puff. These are some of the best smoking mixtures I have seen.
Buy it from the link below.
Smoking is injurious to health, we don’t promote smoking of any substance.
There are 3 flavours 1st is OG kush, 2nd is Berry Haze, 3rd is Northern Lights
Therapeutic Benefits
Entourage Effect can induce sleep, relax muscles, reduce stress, elevate mood, increase energy, improve focus, etc**
Better Taste
Experience distinctive flavour & aroma like citrus, berry, pine, pepper, floral, herbal, mint, etc of famous handpicked strains
Nicotine Free
Our blends do not contain any Nicotine / Tobacco and are free from all harmful additives & addictive substances
0% THC & 0% CBD
Our blends do not promote any psychoactive effects as they do not contain any THC & CBD, making them 100% legal
100% Natural
The blend is made out of Indian basil, Bay leaves, Bishops weed, & Liquorice root enriched with naturally extracted terpenes
Quit Tobacco
One of the best ways to switch from tobacco to organic blend. It’s highly effective in helping smokers to quit tobacco

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