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Healthcare Technology Startup Launches Standardized Dosing Platform


GoFire, a leading digital healthcare company, has created an innovative vaporization device with an intuitive dosing app that allows for controlled dose consumption of plant-based-concentrates. The company leverages its proprietary SMART vaporization technology to help patients find a precise dose of alternative medicine that successfully relieves a specific condition. GoFire is committed to helping patients control their alternative medicine by realizing the medicinal and therapeutic potential of wellness-focused products through a new take on alternative health innovation.

GoFire’s patent-pending technology will change the way alternative medicine is prescribed by doctors and utilized by patients. With GoFire, standardized dosing is made possible through pre-filled SMART Cartridges containing the highest quality, plant-based concentrates available.

GoFire’s first initiative is recruiting participants to join their BETA community, and help shape the future of personalized medicine. The BETA program will allow participants to utilize GoFire’s proprietary vaporizer and experience, first hand, GoFire’s micro-dosing technology and personal dosing app.

“We are extremely excited to launch this BETA community, and look forward to our partners using the device to understand how GoFire might help them find relief and improve their process of consuming plant-based medicine.”, says Peter Calfee, founder and CEO of GoFire.

Individuals will be selected for the private BETA program beginning this Fall. Applications are currently being accepted, and will remain open until August. The selection process will take place shortly thereafter, followed by a four week, extended-use testing period beginning in September. Over the duration of the testing period, participants will have the opportunity to guide how GoFire products look, function, and feel. Participants will be the first to optimize their dose, quantifying their mind and body’s needs to feeling their best with alternative medicine.

Interested applicants should apply at to be considered as 1 of 100 Beta Testers to experience the future of personalized medicine. Questions regarding the opportunity may be directed toward the GoFire BETA Team at: For more information about GoFire, visit

About GoFire

GoFire is a digital healthcare company delivering a safe, reliable platform to consume and manage alternative medicine(s). GoFire’s proprietary micro-dosing technology enables precise control of plant-based concentrates in metered, controllable increments. A connected vaporization device with mobile app and intelligent cloud enables a Big Data application, which provides a method of learning consistency for patients and caregivers who rely on or recommend alternative medicine. Now, patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals can quantify dosing regimens based on the chemical profile, size of dose, and patient condition with confidence.

About Peter Calfee

Peter Calfee is a health-technology entrepreneur and investor. His focus on structure and organizational development has helped develop multiple Colorado start-up companies, including a medical device company and an alternative health research facility.

Peter has more than 9 years of experience in the life sciences and alternative health industries, and is a private equity investor of multiple wellness-based companies. He believes research-based initiatives are the only way to unlock the inherent value of alternative medicine, and intends to continue laying new clinical frameworks that validate the medicinal efficacy of phytomedicine. Peter intends to leverage his keen understanding of extraction and molecular science to further clinical research initiatives surrounding phytopharmaceuticals.


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