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Growing with my fellow growers 203:EC talk, don't fall for the race to the top; why we avoid high EC

This week host @Jackgreenstalk (aka @Jack_Greenstalk on twitter/ig backup) [also available to be contact via email: ] is joined by the always amazing panel with @spartangrown on instagram only or email for contacting spartan outside social media, any alternate profiles on other social medias using spartan’s name, and photos are not actually spartan grown be aware, Matthew Gates aka @SynchAngel on instagram and twitter and @Zenthanol on youtube who offers IPM direct chat for $1 a month on , @TheAmericanOne on youtube aka @theamericanone_with_achenes on instagram who’s amy aces can be found at, @Dr MJ Coco from as well as youtube where he tests and reviews grow lights and has grow tutorials and @drmjcoco on instagram, and @NoahtheeGrowa on instagram … This week we missed , @Rust.Brandon of @Bokashi Earthworks who’s products can be found at , Kyle breeder of @pure_breeding on all social media whos seeds can be found at , @ATG Acres Aaron The Grower aka @atgacres his products can be found at and now has product commercially available in select locations in OK, view his instagram to find out details about drops!

This week we discuss high EC ranges and the issues involved with them, and who and why certain resources may be suggesting such high numbers. Shout out to cannalytics, @brian420pm on instagram for the suggestion for a topic of discussion, who offered example posts and their feedback which inspired tonight’s show.


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