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Growing Cannabis in Weed Pot Containers


When planning to grow cannabis, you must also think about weed pots, unless you intend to do some digging.

There are many options to choose from – such as plastic, fabric, and ceramic, and each has its benefits. 

Growing Marijuana in Weed Pots

However, it can be challenging to know which ones to choose. This article will help you identify your best pot for growing weed. 

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How to Choose The Right Container For Your Cannabis Plant

When choosing marijuana pots for your plants, start by picking the right size. Generally, containers are measured in gallons. 

How do you know what size is appropriate for your plants?

Pick a pot that is proportional to its height. Add 2 gallons for every 12 inches.

You can end some of the guesswork by researching the strain’s average height before you start growing so that you select the best size.

This step saves you from buying too large containers.

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As you may have guessed, cannabis plants need to be transplanted once they’ve outgrown their containers.

Typically, you’ll need to transplant your cannabis plants two to three times, moving them to bigger pots so that they continue to grow.

The first transplant you’ll make is moving your seedlings to a bigger pot. Do this when their leaves have reached the edge of the pot. 

Then, use the height​​ of your plant as an indicator of when you need to transplant them again.

Lastly, you’ll need saucers or a tray for your indoor grow pots to prevent water runoffs on your floor and keep the area around your plant’s roots from becoming a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms.

Common Pots Used For Cannabis Growing

Growing Marijuana Plastic Containers
Growing Marijuana in a Plastic Container

Plastic Containers

If you’re looking for an inexpensive pot with good drainage, plastic containers are great grow pots for weed. 

In addition to being affordable, plastic grow pots also come in various sizes. The only downside is that they’re not as durable as ceramic or fabric.

Growing Marijuana in a Ceramic Container
Growing Marijuana in a Ceramic Container

Ceramic Containers

Ceramic pots can regulate the temperature around your plants better than plastic pots, but they are not the best pots for growing weed. 

They have poor drainage and are often more brittle than plastic planters. They’re also much heavier to lug around than plastic or fabric containers.

Finally, ceramic pots are the most expensive types you can choose. 

Growing Marijuana in a Fabric Containers
Growing Marijuana in a Fabric Containers

Fabric Containers

As the name implies, these containers are made from thick fabrics that hold soil well.

Plants grown in fabric pots get better air circulation than those in plastic and ceramic pots. 

Better air circulation is both a benefit and a downside as more airflow causes the soil to dry out much faster, meaning you’ll need to water your cannabis plants more

However, fabric grow pots are still one of the best grow pots for weed because they prevent rootbound situations in your cannabis plants.

weed pot Container for a Weed Plant
Container for a Weed Plant

How Big Of A Container Should You Buy For A Weed Plant?

Considering you need to transplant your cannabis plants into new pots once they’ve outgrown their previous container, it’s wise to buy a bunch of them in different sizes. 

You should also look into the average height of the strain you’re planning to grow.

Some strains grow larger than others, such as Trainwreck and Blue Dream.

Plant height Pot volume
12” 2-3 gallon container
24” 3-5 gallon container
36” 6-8 gallon container
48” 8-10 gallon container
60” 12+ gallon container

The plant height to pot volume ratio applies to all grow pots you buy, except for fabric ones.

The soil in those pots dries out faster due to fabric materials’ porous nature, allowing for greater airflow. 

One way to get around this issue in fabric pots is to double the recommended size.

So if you were to transplant your 12” cannabis plant, you’ll instead use a 4-5 gallon container instead of a 2 gallon one.

Transplanting is important to cannabis plants because it impacts your plants’ yield.

Just like how cannabis needs an adequate amount of sunlight and water, they also need the right amount of nutrients and space to grow.

You can only provide this by transplanting them into new (and bigger) pots.

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What’re the Best Pots for Growing Weed Outdoors?


Although they are heavy and difficult to move, terracotta grow pots are great in extreme temperatures because they can maintain the temperature of the soil within them.


By far the best option among the three, plastic grow pots are easy to move and are inexpensive.

Grow Bags

Grow bags are like fabric pots but larger. Grow bags are often used by large-scale growers because they are cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

Grow Tent example
Grow Tent

What’re The Best Pots For Grow Tents?


When it comes to indoor grow pots in grow tents, plastic grow pots are most common.

They’re inexpensive and easy to move around, plus they’re really affordable when bought in bulk.


You won’t have to worry about your plants becoming rootbound with fabric grow pots.

Additionally, they have greater airflow than other types of weed pots.


Self-watering pots are perfect for set-it & forget-it setups.

This type of pot ensures that the soil and roots of your plants receive adequate moisture.

Indoor Grow Pots for weed
Indoor Grow Pots

What’s The Best Type Of Pot For Indoor Grows?

The ideal indoor grow pots can reduce the chances of rootbound in your plants, and provide enough airflow to help keep the roots permeable for better nutrient absorption.

In addition to that, they need to have good drainage and portability.

Based on these guidelines, a few pots are ideal, primarily plastic, fabric, and air pots.

Air pots combine the features of fabric pots and plastic pots to provide greater airflow and rootbound prevention. 

However, air pots are a bit expensive due to their design.

They also run into the same problem as fabric pots – you’ll need to water your plants more since the soil dries out faster.


Choosing the right pot can affect the yield of your plants and their overall health.

By choosing porous ones and allowing for greater airflow, you prevent your plants from suffocating and developing root problems.

However, there’s more to growing marijuana than just choosing the right pot size; you also need to consider the strain you plan on cultivating.

You can find the right size plants for your pots at

FAQ’s About Growing Cannabis in Containers

Are fabric pots better for weed?

Yes, fabric pots help prevent rootbound plants due to superior airflow. In addition to preventing common root problems in plants, fabric pots also lower the risk of overwatering because of their porous nature.

Are self-watering pots good for weed?

Yes, and here’s why:
– They save you from constantly having to water your plants
– They help keep the roots of your plants moisturized
– They prevent overwatering, which preserves nutrients in the soil

How many pots fit in a 3×3 tent

If you’re growing standard cannabis plants, you’ll only be able to fit five to six pots. However, if you choose autoflowers, you can fit up to nine 3-gallon containers.

What size pots are best for a 2×4 grow tent?

You can either fit three 3-gallon pots or you can choose to grow two plants in a single 5-gallon pot, seven plants if you’re going to train them.

Are terracotta pots good for weed?

Depending on where you are, yes. They’re porous like fabric pots which lets them provide airflow to the roots of your plants. However, they also run into the same problem as fabric pots, which dry out the soil faster.


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