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Grenadine Cannabis Strain Information and Review 2022


With at least three versions available from multiple breeders, it’s evident the Grenadine strain has become a popular choice among cannabis connoisseurs worldwide. 

Sativa/Indica Indoor yield Outdoor yield Flowering period
30% / 70% 1-2 oz/ft² 15-20 oz/plant flowering time is 42 – 56 days and harvest time is day 63

It’s relatively easy to find information on the Karma Genetics Grenadine strain (Miley Cyrus X Karmarado OG) and the variety by Dr. Greenthumb Seeds’ ((Niagara X Shiva) X G-13). Collaborators Cookies and Lemonade have been less forthcoming. 

Grenadine cannabis strain information

In this review, we will explore the mysterious Cookies Grenadine strain. 

Cookies Fam are notorious for keeping their genetics a secret; that’s why their seeds are hard to come by. 

That hasn’t hindered the ever-growing fan base of the Grenadine Cookies strain from rapidly expanding, though. 

Because the Grenadine Cookies strain is more than just a pretty face, it ticks all the right boxes from flavor to effect. 

It’s a kick-back, relax, with phat-snacks kind of strain that’ll leave you happier than a hippie in a hot-box. So let’s get it going.

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Information about Grenadine strain

Origin Secret
Plant type 70% Indica 30% Sativa
THC 18%-24%
Effects Happiness
Fragrance Berry
Flavors Berry
Adverse Reaction Dry mouth, thirst, anxiety, paranoia
Flowering Time Flowering time is around 42 – 56 days and harvest time around day 63. 
Yield 1-2 oz/ft² (indoor), 15-20 oz/plant (outdoor)

Grenadine strain effects

The wonderful effects of the Grenadine strain are thanks to its 18-24% THC content and the fact that it’s an indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica to 30% sativa). 

When you smoke a nugget that’s so covered in trichomes that it looks like a sugar-frosted dessert ball, you’d expect it to give you a solid beating and leave you to sleep it off. 

On the contrary, the Grenadine weed strain’s high leaves you elevated, uplifted, and pretty darn happy.


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Grenadine Cookies strain comes on quickly with a cerebral high that soon flows throughout your whole body, easing anxiety and stress, leaving you calm and relaxed. 

A tranquil body and mind lead to a patient soul, allowing appreciation and gratitude for the environment around you to flow freely. 

It’s no wonder the Grenadine strain is so effective at combating persistent pain, depression, and fatigue. 

Sometimes we all need to slow down to smell the roses. Cannabis options like the Grenadine Cookies strain help us do just that.

Grenadine strain fragrance
Grenadine strain fragrance

Grenadine strain fragrance

Once you get one of these potent nugs in hand, you’ll realize the Grenadine Cookies strain looks just as dank as it smells, and it smells daaaank. 

Its pungent aroma is a pleasant combination of berries and fruit with a blend of earthy herbs and a slightly nutty scent. 

Notes of berries, cherry, and fruit stand out the most, hinting at the flavors to come. It’s the Valencene terpene that gives it that fruity, citrusy fragrance. 

Other terpenes that lend to the Grenadine strain’s scent are Sabinene, giving it hints of spice and wood, and Bisabolol, which contributes to Grenadine strain cookies’ floral aroma.  

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Grenadine strain flavors

The fragrance that the Grenadine Cookies strain delivers is very much what you can expect from its delicious flavor. 

This glorious strain bursts with sweet, fruity flavors similar to berries and pomegranate and unmistakable herbal, earthy tones. 

A bold taste of cherry emerges on the exhale to round off this flavorful love affair and leave you wanting more.

Grenadine adverse reactions

Cannabis, just like life, comes with its pros and cons, and the Cookies Grenadine strain is no different. 

As tasty as it is, it may come at a cost, and often it’s the taste that gets us into trouble because, “Ooh, that’s yummy, lemme hit it one more time.”

As most cannabis users have come to expect, you’re probably going to experience sensations of thirst and possibly severe dry–mouth. 

Some users have reported high levels of anxiety and paranoia, though, so smoke with caution. 

The thing to remember is this: Moderation is key. So if you have a low THC tolerance, take it easy and savor the taste. Life is already fast enough; why rush the weed?

growing high quality marijuana
Growing Grenadine strain

Growing Grenadine strain

Cookies are highly secretive about their genetics, so good luck if you intend to grow the specific Grenadine strain Cookies breed. Tracking down these seeds won’t be an easy feat.

If the pot-gods do happen to grace you with a fertile seed, you could consider the grow information on Karma Genetics’ Grenadine strain as your guide. 

Results may differ depending on the exact genetics of your seeds, so it’s best to consult with more experienced growers if you’re new to cultivation.

You can expect medium-sized plants with deep green foliage, accentuated with dark hues of purple amidst the dense, oval-shaped nuggets. 

The dark olive-colored buds are barely visible beneath the thick, shimmering layer of trichomes and scattering of amber hairs. 

The aesthetic is transcendent, looking like a tiny alien world of its own. Don’t get stoned and look at them too closely; you may get lost in there. 

Grenadine flowering
Grenadine flowering

Grenadine flowering time

As we mentioned before, Cookies like being mysterious (and they do it so well), so they’re not sharing the lowdown on Grenadine strain info. 

Fortunately, both Karma and Dr. Greenthumb Seeds are happy to share.

If their strains are anything to go by, here’s what you could expect.

Grenadine strain is a photoperiod flowering type that can be grown indoors and outdoors, with a medium to high difficulty, so be gentle as this plant can be finicky. 

Provided you have knowledgeable growing experience and all necessary care was taken to ensure a robust and healthy plant, you can look forward to a flowering time of around 42 – 56 days and harvest time around day 63. 

Average yield indoors can range from 1 – 2 oz/ft² and 15 – 20 oz/plant outdoors.

FAQs about Grenadine strain

Where is the Grenadine Strain grown?

Grenadine strain is grown indoors and outdoors alike. You’ll find this plant the whole world over, because, well, weed grows almost everywhere.

What type of strain is the Grenadine strain?

Grenadine strain is a hybrid blend of indica and sativa strains and is indica dominant.

What’s the difference between Grenadine by Cookies vs. Karma genetics?

We know that Grenadine by Karma Genetics combines the Miley Cyrus strain with Karmarado OG, whereas Cookies keep their genetics a secret. We suggest sampling some of each and gauging for yourself.


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