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Green Wednesday: The Black Friday of Cannabis


Thanksgiving ranks in the top five of annual cannabis sales days.In fact, data shows that shoppers spent $238 million during this holiday weekend in 2020, up almost 13% from the prior year. 

While you might think it was due to Black Friday specials, it was actually the day before Thanksgiving where the bulk of these sales occurred. Thus, officially dubbing the day before Thanksgiving as Green Wednesday. 

What Is Green Wednesday?

Green Wednesday takes place the day before Thanksgiving, where shoppers flood dispensaries to stock up on pre-rolls, vape pens, tinctures, edibles, and more. Although 4/20 still ranks #1 for cannabis sales, Green Wednesday is close behind. 

While the exact cause is unknown, logic suggests several possible theories. First, eating a gigantic meal of one’s favorite dishes for possibly hours on end requires a little extra motivation. Enter—the munchies. 

Thanksgiving tends to involve family gatherings, and for some people, that’s not always the most comfortable place to be. If you’re looking to tune out your weird uncle or find new joy in listening to the same old stories grandma loves to tell, a weed buzz can go a long way. 

A more practical reason for shopping on Green Wednesday is simply that many businesses are closed on Thursday and possibly even Friday, and it’s best to stock up for the holiday weekend.

When Did Green Wednesday Start?

As the story goes, Eaze—a cannabis delivery service in California—coined the term after a particularly impressive sales day in 2016. Surprised by the green rush on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Green Wednesday seemed to fit. The name caught on, and now, dispensaries are marketing specials just as they do on April 20 (4/20) and July 10 (7/10). 

Since then, Green Wednesday sales have continued to rise. Dispensaries report an 80% increase in sales on the day before Thanksgiving, outranking Black Friday sales. In 2020, Green Wednesday saw $33.2M and $31.1M on Black Friday. 

Top Green Wednesday Deals 

  1. Flow Kana
  2. The Bloom Brands
  3. Greenrush
  4. Pilgrim Soul
  5. Dimo

1: Flow Kana

Delivery Range: LA, SD, Bay Area, SF, Oakland, San Jose

Deal #1:

Flow Kana Farmer's Reserve

Farmer’s Reserve: $99 for a Half Ounce!

There has never been a more affordable way to try the ultimate expression of Emerald Triangle cannabis. Experience the sun-grown difference: Flavor-filled terpenes, face-melting THC, and a supporting cast of minor cannabinoids that team up to deliver a rich and satisfying experience that only sun-grown weed can deliver. 

Normal Price: $168

Your Price: $99

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Deal #2:

Flow Kana Thanksgiving deals

Thanksgiving Baked Sale: 60% Off!

Gobble up incredible deals on Flow Kana Gold, Flow Kana Silver, pre rolls, and Caldera’s live resin diamonds, sugar, and sauce. 

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2: Bloom Brands

Bloom Vapes

Delivery Range: LA, SD, Bay Area, SF, Oakland, San Jose

Green Wednesday Deals – the more you spend, the more you save

20% On Orders Over $150

35% On Orders Over $200

50% On Orders Over $320

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3: Greenrush

Delivery Range: SF, Sacramento



  • Jeeter 20% OFF
  • Smarty Plants: 20% OFF
  • Couchlock Quarter Ounce: $20 OFF
  • Preroll w/ every order *(Wednesday and Friday ONLY)
  • **do not specify strain – will have different strains on different days


  • Bloom 25% OFF
  • Jeeter Juice 25% OFF (Saturday)
  • Stiiizy Og Pods: 25% OFF
  • Stiiizy CDT/Live Pods: 15% OFF
  • Stiiizy Concentrates: 25% OFF


  • Wyld: 25% OFF
  • 20% OFF HIFI Hops
  • CANN Cranberry Sage: 30% off
  • POTLI: 20% OFF
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Kiva Terra Chocolates

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4: Pilgrim Soul

Pilgrim Soul Creative Collection

Cannabis Delivery Range: LA, SD, Bay Area, SF, Oakland, San Jose

Cannabis Deals: 30% Off Creative Strains & Blends

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5: Dimo


Tiered Discounts:

Spend $75 Save 25%

Spend $150 Save 30%

Spend $200 Save 40%

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