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Graded Green – Birthday Cake Kush CBD Flower Review

Here take a closer look at a strain from Graded Green there Birthday Cake Kush CBD Flower coming in at 20.4% CBD Percentage.

Sensationally sweet scents and vanilla tastes represent our Birthday Cake Kush brilliantly. It’s ability to lift mood and clear anxieties away makes this Kush one of our favourite strains.

Birthday Cake Kush has a high CBD content offering good value for money. It’s relaxing effects can help you unwind and let go. Are you ready for some YOU time?


Contains 20.4% CBD & (-0.14% THC)

Offering a mixture of flavours such as

Cookies,Vanilla,Cake with Fruity Undertones

Below is a a link to another CBD strain reviewer who done an awesome review on Graded Greens ‘Gelato strain’

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