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Glass Bong Brand Review: Nothing’s Impossible


They also sell dab rigs, herb grinders and other accessories like terp pearls, quartz banger’s, pipes, carb caps, bong bowls, and more. 

These accessories can further customize your device by adding some color and design to a bong or replacing a bong bowl. They give you so many options in their accessories section of their online store that it allow you to change up your already purchased bong to your liking overtime.

One product we think is really a must is the ash catchers that they offer on their website. These collect the ash before it enters your rig or bong, which prevents you from having to clean your device as often and helps filter the smoke before entering your lungs. Who doesn’t want a more pure and flavorful hit?

Another product of theirs that we love is their variety of dab rigs. Dab rigs are pretty straight forward and allow you to smoke concentrates. This helps you to get higher faster. 

A really cool design that we like that they offer in dab rigs is their Pineapple Percolator Dab Rig. This Dab Rig is only 55 dollars, its neck is bent, it has a very thick bottom to it that helps with stability and it just looks really cool.


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