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Ganja Theories – Can You Get Lost in a Dream and Never Wake Up?


lost in a dream

Oh boy do I have one for you my fellow Ganjanauts! If you’re not high – I strongly encourage you to drop whatever it is you’re doing and to go get lit before we start burrowing ourselves into this rabbit hole.


Don’t worry, I’ll be right here when you come back!


If you’re reading this sentence, I’d like to assume that the THC is tickling your brain and you’re eager to discover what the fuck I mean by “get lost in a dream”. Well, while I’m not 100% sure exactly what it means myself, I do think it’s an idea worth discussing and while it’s most certainly a fringe idea – it’s one best enjoyed while being baked.


So let me get back to the beginning.


I’m currently reading a book called “Reality Transurfing” by Vadim Zeland which is a 900+ page mega book that could very easily be used as a murder weapon. As a psychonaut, I enjoy downloading different interpretations on how reality works in order to expand my own perspective of “what’s happening?” We can call them “maps” I use to explore the “territory” or as everyone calls it “reality”.


For example, some people believe that there’s an all-powerful entity that created the entire universe because of “reasons” and somehow this all-powerful entity really doesn’t want you to follow your natural urges and rather devote your life to it and those who happen to be in direct communication with it.


Others believe it’s not an entity but more like a Universal intelligence, that responds to our internal emotional states. We attract certain events by vibrating at a certain frequency and that’s how life works. Still others believe that we reincarnate while some people believe that we’re simply matter and an accidental blip in the fabric of awareness.


Unfortunately, for everyone’s belief system – you are the only one that believes in what you believe in! In other words, nobody else shares your belief even if you are in the same faith or organization. This is because once a belief enters into those earholes and the vibration of the words trigger a memory bank, ascribing meaning to it according to the subjective experience of the beholder.


Nobody observes reality equally or put in another way, “what you’re experiencing isn’t necessarily what I’m experiencing”.


And this is precisely why I read other paradigms and means of interpreting the world around me to expand my ability to spot my blind spots. Reality Transurfing is one such a paradigm or way of viewing the world.


Of course I’m not going to be able to explain to you here today what this is all about. After all, the book is over nine hundred pages in length and the author penned several other variations of his system. However, if you were going to force me to “elevator pitch” Reality Transurfing it would be;


“You can only experience or perceive one reality timeline at once, however within the “alternatives space” or the quantum dimension if you will, exist all possible configurations of your life. However, you are locked into this particular timeline due to your focus on particular thought structures within your space. The book deals about techniques on how you can shift from one timeline to another…”


And it talks about a million other things. One thing in particular is about Lucid dreaming. Within this model of thinking, when you Lucid dream you’re not simply dreaming in your bed but rather your soul (spirit/consciousness) is traveling within this “alternatives space”. You’re not just conjuring up images from your unconscious but literally are transported to other areas of this quantum dimension, experiencing life and awareness from a different perspective.


This is where the author piqued my interest – especially when he talks about the possible dangers of lucid dreaming. Instead of my stoned ass trying to tell you, how about I just quote the man;


“Anyone who practices lucid dreaming would probably assure you that lucid dreaming it is not dangerous at all, but perhaps these people fail to realize that they are walking a knife edge. No-one can guarantee that you will return from a lucid dream. There is no danger of this whilst your soul is flying in unrealized sectors of the field, but what do you think happens if the soul accidentally ends up in a realized sector of the alternatives space? There is a hypothesis that a person can end up physically manifesting in that sector. I know the reader is unlikely to be easily frightened by wild conjecture, but as you can see, the supposition does point to a certain risk, and what if it were true?” – Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing


In essence, he argues that when you Lucid dream, for the most part you explore “unrealized space” or “space that hasn’t materialized”. Essentially it’s ethereal space where the soul can travel without a problem. However, what happens when you Lucid dream yourself into a “realized space” that does exist within a material existence, where you inhabit another body and potentially forget about your other life. Just like you accept without question the “dreamer’s role” – you could easily forget that you were simply dreaming and in reality now exist as this new identity within this alternative reality, your old self but a fading dream.


Zeland continues;


“It is a well know fact that there were sorcerers of old who had perfected the art of dreaming and could intentionally pass over into other worlds forever. Their physical bodies literally disappeared from their own world. These sorcerers were either very reckless, or knew exactly what they were doing.”


I don’t know if this is true, I haven’t come across dimension hopping wizards during my research (yet), but since the collective consciousness tends to remember all things – there mere fact that Doctor Strange and Doctor Who are conceptualized within the human psyche – I can conclude that at least this must have come from somewhere. Of course, within the practice of paradigm shifting – you simply accept all data to be true and go on with your day.


Now here comes the part that inspired me to write all of this;


“Today, tens of thousands of people go missing every year without trace. Some people believe that some of these people are abducted by aliens. I cannot corroborate this theory, but I do wonder whether some of these missing people are lost in dreaming and do not return from a sector of physical reality that they have visited in their dream. The soul does not necessarily have to be dreaming lucidly to fly into a physically manifest sector of the field.”


Can you imagine if this was true? I mean – it could be…






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