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G Pen Elite II Review – All You Need To Know


Power the Elite II on by pressing down the device’s power button, which is an “o” symbol. Hold down on it for four seconds to turn it on and hold down on it for two seconds to power off.

To access the settings on the device, power it on and then click the power button five times quickly. You can then use the (+) or (-) buttons to highlight settings. For example, one of the settings you can change is the temperature to read in Fahrenheit and Celsius. After highlighting what you need in the menu, click the power button again to enter. 

You can also access and adjust things like the session timer, convection boost, haptic feedback and the brightness of the screen through the settings menu on the device. 

To start heating your ground material, press the power button twice. The temperature should reflect that it is getting warmer on the display. Once it is at the temperature it was set for, the Elite II will vibrate twice and this will be the notification that it is ready for you to use.  


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