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Four essential strains from a legendary European cultivar



When it comes to genetics, Blimburn Seeds doesn’t mess around.

Sergio M is the weed celebrity you may not have heard of, but you’ve definitely seen his work. As his native Spain became a seed-production hotspot in the early 2000s, this genetics wizard started working behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in cannabis—and still does through Blimburn Seeds, a seed bank trusted by growers throughout the world.

Through Sergio’s friendship and collaboration with cannabis icons Kyle Kushman and Steve DeAngelo, he was the first to bring American genetics, including Granddaddy Purple and GSC, to Europe. Now, Blimburn supplies seeds for more than 600 strains. Their feminized seeds are uniquely stable, meaning they aren’t prone to genetic abnormalities, partially because of a well-maintained collection of decades-old mother plants.

If you’re getting ready for this year’s growing season, Blimburn is a great place to start—and Sergio is a rich resource of cannabis know-how. Blimburn’s seeds may be everywhere, but why not buy straight from the source?

These four exclusive strains from Blimburn’s catalog are hand-picked by Sergio for this growing season.

Sergio in a field of cannabis crops. Courtesy of Blimburn Seeds.

White Widow

This decades-old strain is legendary for its thick layer of crystals and powerful effects. Dutch breeders crossed a Brazilian sativa landrace with a heavy indica hailing from South India to create this pungent, piney bud, which has plenty of children of its own: White Rhino, White Russian, and Black Widow, to name a few.

It’s not too hard to track down White Widow seeds, but Blimburn’s are unique in that they use a very old mother plant straight from the Netherlands—so you know you’re not just getting White Widow, but the White Widow of legend. 

While this strain has formidable effects, it’s pretty easygoing as a plant. Like most strains, it needs plenty of sun, but it’s hardy, cold-resistant, and not particularly demanding. It has an average yield by volume, but with a THC level of up to 25%, is it really average?

Mamba Negra

Courtesy of Blimburn Seeds

20 years ago, according to Sergio, a couple of Spanish breeders bought a pack of Critical Mass seeds in the Netherlands. What emerged from the soil was a shockingly ugly plant, but once they smoked it they knew they had something special. Clones of that plant started selling like hotcakes, and that cultivar won awards throughout Europe, including the 2004 Highlife championship.

Mamba Negra, a Blimburn original, is a cross between that fabled plant and a fruity, colorful Skunk. It’s a knock-you-on-your-ass indica (although it looks like a sativa while it’s growing) with euphoric, cerebral, and deeply relaxing effects ideal for the very end of the day. When it’s grown in nutrient-rich soil and kept free of pests, it rewards you with an abundance of giant, dense flowers.

Cafe Racer

Courtesy of Blimburn Seeds

Cafe Racer is a perfect blend of American genetics and European ingenuity. Inspired by Sergio’s love for motorcycles, it’s a Blimburn-bred cross between Granddaddy Purple and GSC. Like having the wind in your hair on a long ride down the open road, the effects are relaxed, creative, and euphoric.

There’s even a real bike to go with it. Designed in iconic Cafe Racer style, luxury brand Tamarit’s Blimburn model was developed in collaboration with Sergio. He still rides it today!

This beginner-friendly strain grows up to two meters tall outdoors. At the end of September, expect to harvest dark green, trichome-heavy buds with purple and orange pistils.

Santa Muerte

Courtesy of Blimburn Seeds

Blimburn’s finest haze is Santa Muerte, an original cross between Mexicana and Original Haze. It takes a little longer to grow, with a mid-October harvest, but its hashy, herbal taste and social, cerebral effects are worth the wait. Beginner-friendly and pest-resistant, this strain climbs up to three meters tall when grown outdoors and loves both nutrient-rich soil and hydroponic systems. It delivers extremely high yields of resin-dense weed. 

Santa Muerte is the life of the party, ideal for long, engaging conversations and flourishing creativity with zero couch lock.

Ready for seed shopping?

Courtesy of Blimburn Seeds

Blimburn Seeds has more than 600 feminized and autoflowering seeds to choose from with something for every taste and experience level. White Widow, Mamba Negra, Cafe Racer, and Santa Muerte are great places to start—but if you have trouble deciding, try one of their hand-selected variety packs. Even if you buy from another supplier, you’ll know the seeds are Blimburn quality thanks to their unique, thoughtful packaging that goes far beyond a plastic baggie.

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