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Forget Holiday Diets, Cannabis Can Help You Shed Weight


The cannabis component CBD or cannabidiol has found its way into mainstream consumer products in various forms. The most popular of such products include beverages, gummies and even lotions. As a result, CBD enjoys a somewhat envious position of a neo-cure-all. Indeed, medical research does suggest that CBD can help in anything from ensuring good sleep to getting rid of pain to even reducing stress and anxiety. The latest potential benefit of CBD on the radar of experts and researchers is the influence of CBD on weight loss. Let’s look closely at this particular possible effect of consuming CBD in this article.


First off, we should touch base on what CBD is. Also, how it stands out from other cannabis components. CBD is one of the most active cannabis constituent compounds. Whie hemp-derived, it is at the same time a part of medical cannabis. CBD distinguishes itself from the other main Cannabis component, THC, by the absence of the psychoactive “high.” As per the WHO or World Health Organization, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”

Exploring the Potential Connection Between CBD and Weight Loss

Before we can examine how CBD affects weight, the first thing to know is to distinguish between the two types of fat that commonly occur in humans, i.e., brown and white fat. Medical experts point out that the primary function of brown fat cells is to burn calories, thereby generating heat. On the other hand, fat white cells store energy and provide the exact needs. As a result, healthy people tend to have far greater brown fat cells than obese or overweight people. During physical activity, white fat produces brown fat cells. It signals that the body is burning calories and naturally shedding weight.

According to medical experts, CBD facilitates such a conversion process. Further, CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system receptors CB 1 and 2. These two receptors play a significant role in feelings of hunger and body metabolism. CBD thereby works to stimulate metabolism and reduce hunger cravings, both leading to loss of excess weight.

CBD and mood

Another dimension to consider while exploring CBD’s effect on the body is its impetus for exercising. CBD is known for its impact on a person’s mood, which keeps you motivated for life’s various demands, including doing exercises to lose weight.

CBD and Fitness
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However, the relationship between CBD and weight loss is not substantiated by comprehensive human studies. But there are indeed several pointers that suggest that CBD can affect weight loss in several indirect ways.

Experts and researchers further point out how the relationship between CBD consumption and the quality and incidence of sleep is well known. Such effects, in turn, affect hormone functions that control the feelings of hunger. Leptin and ghrelin are some of the prominent names that come to mind regarding the issue. Ghrelin production increases from sleep disruptions while the production of leptin goes down. Interestingly enough, while leptin makes you feel full, ghrelin has the reverse effect of making you feel hungry. So sleep is directly associated with a person having more (or less) food as per their hunger levels.

Final thoughts

The last bit of information that can potentially illuminate the issue of how CBD affects weight loss is the relationship between the compound and stress levels and body inflammation. Both of the latter have a significant impact on body weight. Inflammation is a natural fallout of heavy workouts. CBD helps keep it under control, thereby facilitating recovery and letting people exercise more. It ultimately results in greater levels of fat burn and better maintenance of lean muscles. Additionally, CBD also helps to relieve people from stress. That leads to less intake of unnecessary snacks and drinks.

Cheers to a better, healthier holiday and New Year’s resolution with CBD!


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