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Flashback to Before Legalization in Canada

Flashback to Cannabis in Canada before “Legalization”. Cannabis history in British Columbia.

Team Shatterboo drop in The Great Canadian CannaMall to talk Extracts and the new TCC SyrupBar at @CannabisCulture and other upcoming SquadLife fun

The Green Ceiling was a 19+ cannabis vapour lounge that aims to provide a friendly environment for the community to come together to socialize. We strive to provide our visitors with a calm space which promotes positive engagements, a space where culture and comfort are our highest priorities.

The Green Ceiling has a 250sq foot boardroom available to rent for; Cannabis Meetings, Lectures, Seminars, Staff Parties, Private Classes, Yoga, Meditation, & Exercise…


“Your energy goes into quality of product, our energy goes into quality of image.” solutions at Jade Maple (


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