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Fast Food and Weed Munchies


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To some, it might come as a surprise that fast-food chains have always played a huge role in catering to cannabis consumers. This is major because a large part of their roles is not made official, at least not until recently. The special 420 holiday gave us a good reason to quickly take a rundown of top joints offering special deals for cannabis enthusiasts. The list will include and is not limited to Wingstop, Del Taco, Cheba Hut, Jimmy John’s, Chronic Tacos, Fatburger, and Jack in the Box.

A new array of cannabis-inspired 420 deals shows that many fast-food chains are beginning to warm up to cannabis. This is because the demand for munchies has grown considerably in recent times and the outlets are trying to keep up. Many fast-food chains have gotten creative this year and they have gone all out with marketing without holding back. Some have introduced rolling papers, added terpenes, free deliver, and other added incentives. Here’s a rundown of what some of the biggest fast-food chains have in store this year.

April 18 through 22 was a wonderful period for cannabis lovers from the staples of Wingstop. The popular food outlet is treating cannabis lovers to a special terpene-infused flavor, Blazed & Glazed. This special treat was available nationwide and could easily be ordered at or through the Wingstop app.  The brand described this special treat as the second-best herbal experience their customers could get on 4/20. The treat is set to have a unique blend of terpenes, hemp seeds, strawberry, and cayenne pepper.

Chief Growth Officer at Wingstop Marisa Carona believes the brand is making the right moves to satisfy the munchies’ cravings of customers through flavor. This is believed to be the motivation behind the development of Blazed & Glazed which offers a unique mouth-tingling sensation. These special wings do not contain THC, so customers are free from any psycho-effects but all the flavor goodness they can get. Wingstop will also be present at most of the large-scale get-togethers of smokers in San Francisco over the holiday period.

You guessed right if you suggested that Cheba Hut would be getting in on the 420 frenzies with unique treats for their cannabis-loving customers. A special partnership between Cheba Hut (a popular cannabis-inspired restaurant) and Long Play (a national cannabis portfolio company for sustainable cultivation practices)  blew away the expectations of many. The result was a special nug-sized sandwich served on a frisbee with Willie’s Reserve™ rolling papers at $4.20.

The special package and dynamic rate on display by Cheba Hut is already a fan attraction but there’s still more from the special brand. The rolling papers have unique QR codes which allow customers to stand a chance of winning a trip to the Emerald Cup in Hollywood along with special gift packs. The competition ran from April 20 through the 30th with the winner set to be announced on May 2nd. As expected, entrants have to meet up with the legal age requirement of 21 years to be able to win. The Colorado-based company looks set to make this year’s 420 holidays one to remember for their customers.

Del Taco was set to make April 20 a special 24-hour experience with the special chicken rollers on display for customers. The brand was offering five new Chicken Cheddar Rollers for $4.20 which is called Rollerdaze. This special package was the brand’s way of commiserating the unofficial cannabis holiday of April 20 which was expected to come with mass munchies needs. The special 420 deal was available only to those who registered with the Del Yeah™ Rewards program as orders had to be placed through the app according to the website.

Del Taco was also set to provide a free delivery option on this special holiday once the order is placed through the app. Customers who add Rollerdaze to their cart were also eligible for discounted prices with no offer required. All these special offers were only limited to April 20 and are invalid after the special holiday.

The leaders when it comes to mouth-tingling sandwiches are also getting in on the 420-holiday mood this year. The upside of the brand’s offer is that you got a sliding scale discount which is hinged on how high you are at the time of ordering. How high you are was set to be checked by an elevation checker site which gives customers 20% off based on ratings. Customers could be classified from ‘not so high’ to ‘kinda high’ and finally ‘highest’. This special innovation stands out amongst the different offers available from fast-food chains during the 420-holiday.

The brand also had a special party I store for the occasion in Leadville, Colorado, a location known for being home to different cannabis companies and users alike.

Chronic Tacos set their customers up for the best this holiday with a special offer that appeals to taco lovers. Customers could get one ‘bowl-rito’ at the regular price while the second one will be at $4.20. This deal was very attractive though it excluded Fish, Shrimp, Steak, Surf &Turf burritos, Cali Burritos, and Beyond Beef.

The same offer was available at all Chronic Tacos outlets nationwide and can be assessed on the  Tacos app or ordered through the Chronic Tacos website.

Jack in the Box is just about everywhere on the West Coast and Texas with more outlets being opened in other states as well. All these outlets celebrated the special 420 holidays with the brand’s special Pineapple Express Shake throughout April. The special holiday will see the shake being sold for $4.20 on April 20th as well as other flavors of the shake.

With the special type of treats available across food chains during this period, it is bound to be a 420-holiday to remember for many. The euphoria doesn’t stop on that day as many still plan to ride it till the end of the month.






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