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Ezra Miller is So Mad About the Juul Ban He Stole a Man’s Entire Family (Allegedly)

6/24/22: Those cooks at the FDA finally did it an banned Juul Vapes a smaller American company – paving the way for Big Tobacco to stroll on through and reclaim 100% of the market 09:30; in response to this ban, or for some other reason like just being totally crazy, Ezra Miller has taken in an entire family he met in Hawaii (besides the husband) 24:10; Wes does the darkest TikTok International Moment of all time; and MUCH More…

(00:00:00) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time
03:30 – Holidays: Museum Comes to Life Day + We Missed Hard Factor Day…
08:00 – Fired Google Engineer Says AI has Requested a Lawyer
09:45 – FDA Officially Bans JUULs and lets ALL the Other Big Tobacco Brands Skate Free!
12:30 – Arch Manning Commits to the UT Longhorns
15:00 – Olympic US Artistic Swimmer Anita Alvarez gets knocked out under the water
17:30 – Brad Pitt Went Treasure Crazy in France for a While/Duck Dynasty Treasure show
19:30 – Ukraine becomes EU Candidate… but it doesn’t mean much. Also Usky/Joshua 2
22:05 – Largest Python ever Caught in Florida is MASSIVE and full of eggs
24:05 – Ezra Miller CUCKS a Man and Gets CPS Called on his Gun/Weed Compound in Vermont

TikTok International Moment (Which One’s Worse??)
35:10 – Turns out there are bugs in almost all tea
42:52 – Australian man accidentally tosses his bride out of their cart on a beautiful Whitsunday Islands Honeymoon… tragically killing her
45:00 – Tanzanian mother has her baby stolen and killed by pack of monkeys

Hive Five
(00:51:00) – Notes/Questions, Comments, Reviews, Videos, and Voicemails from the Hardo Hive

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