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Exploring the Highs of the Wu-Tang Clan


There is, will, and can only ever be one Wu-Tang Clan. The Wu-Tang Clan has a career-long connection to cannabis, including performing at the 2017 Cannabis Cup. There’s much to explore when it comes to the cannabis and Wu-Tang Clan.

Some questioned Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s claim that “Wu-Tang is for the children” at the 1998 Grammy awards, but as a kid who discovered the Clan at age 9, I’ll be the first to say ODB was right: Wu-Tang is for the children! There is, will, and can only ever be one Wu-Tang Clan. In honour of their artistic legacy and career-long connection with cannabis, let’s explore the highs of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Method Man and Wu-Tang Clan

You may ask, “What is a Method Man? What does that mean, and what does he do?” At the end of the third song on Enter The Wu-Tang that introduces the listener to the entire Wu-Tang Clan — “Can It Be All So Simple?/Intermission,” Method Man provides insight into the character and role of each member of the group and how they form like Voltron. According to the man himself, “basically, Method Man is roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it.”

Method Man’s TICAL Line

Method Man, in particular, and his connection to cannabis require a special spotlight. We’ve noted Method Man’s launch of Tical in 2021, “offering premium flower and spreading love throughout the community.” The Tical cannabis business shares its name with slang for cannabis and Method Man’s 1994 debut solo album.

Following the success of Blackout! with fellow cannabis enthusiast Redman, Method Man’s public cannabis connection extended to Hollywood. In 2001, Method Man and Redman starred in How High, a stoner comedy about two underachieving stoners visited by a ghost of their friend after smoking weed grown with fertilizer made with his cremated remains. Method Man and Redman go from underachievers to acing University entrance exams –– the “THC‘s” rather than the SATs, eventually making their way to Harvard University and overcoming obstacles to earn their spot.

Diversify Your Bonds!

cannabis and wu-tan clan
In this still, from “Wu-Tang Financial” from season 2 of Chappelle’s Show, Gza (left) and Rza (right) remind you that cash rules everything around you (C.R.E.A.M) and to diversify your bonds.

Method Man is not the only Wu-Tang Clan member to launch a solo career or diversify their bonds, so to speak. The members of the Wu-Tang Clan are entrepreneurs at heart. The Wu-Tang clan had their sights set on world domination from the start. As members explored solo careers and partnerships, Wu-Tang began expanding their reach from music to fashion, movies, video games, tv documentaries, soundtracks, and (of course) cannabis-connected businesses. Wu-Wear is the group’s longtime fashion label.

Raekwon’s Cannabis Cooking Against The War On Drugs

Raekwon the Chef has something tasty cooking with an interesting business model. And what he’s cooking is homegrown. Raekwon’s cannabis-business endeavour aims to empower communities most affected by the war on drugs and systemic inequality by creating an urban, indoor cannabis farming network. CitizenGrown views its “Cannabis for the People, By the People” as a form of Universal Basic Income (UBI) or a passive income for urban communities turned farmers. Simply — CitizenGrown provides a home with glass-encased growing equipment, controls the growing and harvesting of cannabis, and shares the revenue from the harvest with the individual for housing the unit and doing the minimal upkeep required.

A Cannabis Tribute to Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Ever swallowed a roach by mistake? You may have Wu-Tang’d without knowing it. The phrase “Wu-Tang” itself is slang verbiage for the act of accidentally swallowing a roach.

Russel Jones was a complicated artist with many issues, and many monikers (Dirt McGirt, Big Baby Jesus, Joe Bananas, and most famously, Ol’ Dirty Bastard) who died of an accidental overdose in 2004. While his legacy continues through his music and his son Young Dirty Bastard, a lasting tribute to Old Dirty Bastard comes in a strain named after the rapper. Dirty Old Bastard is an Indica strain that combines Blackberry, OG Kush, and California Classic, that creates an uplifting effect with a sweet flavour and aroma. Much like the rapper it honours, Dirty Old Bastard goes by many different monikers.

The Saga Continues: The Artistic Highs of the Wu-Tang Clan

Television and streaming are bringing the legend of the Wu-Tang Clan to new and future generations of children. Showtime’s documentary “Of Mics and Men” presents the story of the Wu-Tang Clan in a four-part series. If you prefer a dramatized, binge-able presentation, “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” tells the origin story and rise to the world dominance of the Wu-Tang Clan. Wu-Tang: An American Saga is currently streaming on Disney+, with a third and final season approved in 2021 and set for production. The legend persists, the Saga Continues, and Wu-Tang is undoubtedly forever. We’ll smoke to that.


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