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Episode 128: Sweet Bahama OG!

Today’s reviews features some truly wonderful products purchased from the suburbs of Edmonton. We start with a delicious cola from Sweet Justice; this tasty treat has 3.5 mg of THC and a great cola flavor. Next we test out one of our new slide bongs that we purchased at Northern Lights Supply in Nisku, Alberta on 4/20. We pair our new rig with some crazy Bahama Blizzard flower from Sugarbud. This amazing flower was beautiful and hit like a freight train giving you a wonderful “Kush” high. We finish things out with a 0.5g pre-roll of Glueberry from Muskoka Grown. These joints burnt great and had a very nice high and smooth sweet smoke.

The Korner Kronics
Adrianna and Adam are the power duo behind The Korner Kronics, a cannabis consulting team and cannabis review show on legal cannabis and accessories. We focus on the cannabis community and culture as we have been in the industry for over 20 years, from selling and growing to being medical patients. Adrianna has been crowned “The Princess of Cannabis” by the Budtender Awards while Adam has been nominated for several OG awards. Along with being cannabis advocates we are parents to nine allowing us to offer unique insights into cannabis and family. The Korner shows a lighter side of the cannabis community with unbiased reviews from these long-time consumers. The Korner Kronics dynamic partnership dabbles in everything from growing to extracting and even concocting cocktails and edibles on their show. Each partner brings their own unique talents and insights to the table to highlight the product and places reviewed on the “Korner”. You can find them on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit.

Sweet Justice OG Cola 3.5mg/THC
OG Cola is a throwback to the clean, classic taste of what a traditional cola should be. Keepin’ it real with REAL sugar, natural flavours and infused with a light and low dose of 3.5mg THC per serving. The Sweet Justice Classics collection of cannabis-infused beverages is inspired by old-school craft sodas and mixology recipes which are flavour-forward and familiar – but with a twist. With fewer calories than a traditional alcoholic drink, it’s sure to bring added enjoyment and delight to any session.

3.5 mg/THC = 5.1g Dried Flower?

Muskoka Grown Glueberry OG, 2 x 0.5g PR (Terrascend)
THC = 15.2%
CBD = 0.35mg
Terpenes = Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene
Glueberry OG, fueled by some of today’s best genetics, is a 3 way hybrid cross of GG #4, OG Kush and Blueberry. Grown indoors, this high THC hybrid features olive green flowers frosted with sugary amber trichomes and has a distinctive kush aroma with sweet and spicy taste notes.

Sugarbud Bahama Blizzard #1, 3.5g
THC = 25.2%
CBD = 0%
Total Terpenes = 2.3%
Terpenes = Caryophylene, Myrcene, Linalool, Limonene
Bahama Blizzard #11 is another exclusive and delightfully complex cultivar phenotype from the Sugarbud genetic library. Created through the cross of Caribbean Cooler x Jet Fuel Gelato, Bahama Blizzard #11 has triangle- shaped, olive green buds with purple undertones, dark amber airs and rich


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