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Episode 123: Valens Showcase!

Good Friday Kronics! Today we do a Valens brands showcase and go from good to great. First up we try the Tropic Lemon 0.3g vape cart in our water bong. We attach our cart to the AVD710 Alpha battery and use a urethane adapter to utilize our bong for this taste test. The water bong smooths out the vapor and adds an almost a creamy finish while the straight vape has more lemon and tropical citrus flavor. Next we try the Very Cheery Chocolates; this 5 pack is made with real cherries and taste much like a “Big Turk” but with a Black Cherry taste. Now we sample some new gummies the full spectrum Mango Coconut no sugar gummies. These are some amazing tasting treats with a little cannabis flavor that blends perfectly with the mango and coconut. Time for the BC Dreamweaver pre-rolls: this 10 pack of 0.35g pre-rolls burn wonderfully and the strain is an excellent indica option boasting an Earthy and slightly nutty flavor with a light sweet note on the finish. We cap the episode with a brand new hard candy from Vacay. This 4 pack is a favorite of the both of us; they have an incredible flavor and spectacular consistency. The best part is that these sweet and tasty hard candies have zero sugar. Thanks to Isomalt these candies have zero sugar but the sweet flavor one would expect from a normal hard candy. Overall this has been a great review and the Valens Company has done a wonderful job on all these products.

The Korner Kronics
Adrianna and Adam are the power duo behind The Korner Kronics, a cannabis consulting team and cannabis review show on legal cannabis and accessories. We focus on the cannabis community and culture as we have been in the industry for over 20 years, from selling and growing to being medical patients. Adrianna has been crowned “The Princess of Cannabis” by the Budtender Awards while Adam has been nominated for several OG awards. Along with being cannabis advocates we are parents to nine allowing us to offer unique insights into cannabis and family. The Korner shows a lighter side of the cannabis community with unbiased reviews from these long-time consumers. The Korner Kronics dynamic partnership dabbles in everything from growing to extracting and even concocting cocktails and edibles on their show. Each partner brings their own unique talents and insights to the table to highlight the product and places reviewed on the “Korner”. You can find them on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit.

Vacay Fruity Hoops Hard Candy
Jump in the ring with our fun-flavoured hard candies. Featuring a combination of 4 unique flavours: watermelon, grape, blue raspberry and green apple. Each pouch contains 4 x 2.5 mg THC individually wrapped hard candies that will leave you savouring the flavour.

0g of Sugar thanks to Isomalt from sugar Beets

Vacay Very Cherry Milk Chocolate Soft Chews
Our hand-crafted Very Cherry chocolate chews are made with fresh fruit from Okanagan farmers, then dipped in delicious milk chocolate. Experience a unique and sophisticated flavour, blended with pure THC distillate. Each pack includes 5 x 2 mg THC chocolate-covered soft chews.

Vacay Full Spectrum Mango Coconut Fruit Chews
VACAY Vacay is our premium, real fruit chew offering. Crafted with care, our chew is packed with natural fruit flavours and sourced from local farmers. Containing 90%+ THC distillate, this is a sophisticated twist on gummies that will transport you to your desired destination. Coconut Mango fruit chews Vacay Coconut Mango fruit chews are our premium gummy packed with a bold tropical flavor and rolled in organic coconut flakes. A blend and fresh fruit purees and juices mingle to tantalize all of your senses. Infused with premium THC & CBD distillate.

Verse Tropic Lemon 0.3g Vape Cart
Verse Originals is our line of best-in-class formulations, hardware and value. The Verse Originals Tropic Lemon 510 cartridge features a sativa-dominant cannabis distillate with a terpene-rich blend inspired by popular Lemon Jack and Tropic Thunder strains. The taste profile is a unique balance of floral and citrus notes produced by three lead terpenes; terpinolene, myrcene and limonene. The cartridge is manufactured with medical-grade stainless steel and includes a ceramic heating element and mouth piece, which aims to increase both safety and performance. These are compatible with 510 thread batteries
Verse BC Dreamweaver Pre-Rolls 10 x 0.35g
Meet BC Dreamweaver Pre-Rolls by Verse Originals – the Verse series is an affordable, high potency offering of quality BC buds. Our pre-rolls are made from BC Dreamweaver flower, an indica-dominant strain with a flawless grind and pack for an enjoyable, steady burn. The aroma consists of citrus fruits and tastes of fresh, earthy berries produced by lead terpenes: beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, alpha-bisabolol, alpha-humulene and linalool. Each tin comes with 10, 0.35g pre-rolls using unbleached, natural brown paper and comes in a resealable, metal container.


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