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Ep 291 Skunk Haze Prt 2 Hd Medical Weed Strain Review CBD Crew Seeds 720p

– Ep 285 is here in full 720p Hd
– audio is Curren$y – Count My Money ending with Sub Ject – Believe
– text in title is a picture of a Bud Bat
– Weed Review of Skunk Haze from CBD Crew Seeds ( Relaxing Sativa 1:1 Thc CBD ratio ) 5% – 5% very relaxing 🙂
– the smell and taste is like cedar wood with soft undertones of citrus and pine :):) really rare relaxing sativa high. Not too strong at all and it has a 1 :1 ratio of thc and cbd
– cheeeers stay lit ill keep the vids coming peace and pot always buds im right here blazing with ya buds ^^


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