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DIY Stoner sheds and why potheads love them


Many stoners step outside for a toke because it’s not practical for them to turn a living room, den, or basement into a sweet, vibing, sesh space. However, the ultimate stoner hangout doesn’t need to be confined within your home-sweet-home.

But that doesn’t mean we need to stand outside at the mercy of the elements either.

Enterprising cannabis enthusiasts have found a way to safely sesh in comfort and style. Introducing the “stoner shed” where your imagination is the only limit. A party palace, a meditation haven, a place to work out—these spaces are whatever excites and inspires each individual.

Leafly spoke with proud potheads who have transformed their sheds and garages into dedicated sesh spaces because the weather can turn top-shelf bud into misery out in the wind, rain, and snow. 

A stoner shed can be anything you’d like it to be 

“You can do this anywhere you want,” suggests Twitter friend @420iloveweed. “My first place was half garage, half session space. Being away in a shed is great. I have lotta buddies who have sheds that they converted.

One buddy, all [his shed] is is a poker table, fireplace, a TV, and dartboard. It’s a great place. You just want a good place where you can hang out with your buddies, and everyone is just chill.”

Toking beside the riding lawn mower or car may be the easiest and cheapest solution, in the name of creature comforts, these safe havens offer the dedicated space that fire cannabis deserves.

“Basically, everyone I knew always smoked up in their sheds, but they were always full of tools. I wanted a nicer place for us all to hang out,” explains @the_plant_that_did about their shed to sesh shed makeover reel on TikTok. 

Moderately decorated with mood lighting, dancefloor, and couch, @the_plant_that_did sesh shed is more cannabis vapour lounge than Trailer Park Boy Bubbles hanging out with his kitties. It’s a spacious sesh shed, he explains, “I had about 14 people over the other night for my birthday!” 

A big motivator to build these session spaces, especially for parents ducking outside for a doobie, is keeping cannabis away from their children.

Sheds range in size and cost, but they all perform the same function, protecting accessories from the weather and away from kids. The only tools in a stoner shed should be those required for an epic session: comfy seating, rolling trays, bongs, vaporizers, rolling papers, ashtrays, and possibly a flatscreen or gaming unit.

Note: It is very important to purchase a good lock as thieves have been known to jack garden sheds using hydraulics if they’re not anchored down (especially if they’re filled with weed gear). 

Regardless of decorating budget, the sesh shed is a personal statement about your love for cannabis.  @the_plant_that_did suggests “Try to be creative, incorporate lots of colour, and it can be fun to utilize random items for decoration inside the shed.”

With a $50,000 CDN budget, half chipped in by his brother, @420iloveweed converted a cinder block garage with a tin door into an incredible dreamy session space. Not all stoner sheds need to be big-budget makeovers but this decked-out pad was well worth the investment.

Their ganja garage is soundproof, insulated, heated, and air-conditioned. “We vaulted the ceiling and put in pot lights. We have two smoke vents controlled by fans and a giant ceiling fan if it gets too smokey. We have a pool table, two fridges, turntables, a big screen TV, WiFi, and PS4. Our bongs, hookahs, though mostly we roll joints.”

“This is exactly what I wanted!” @420iloveweed exclaims about his weed lounge from garage conversion, “I never smoke anywhere else! I’m in the garage 80% of the time.” 

A big motivator for this dream session space, and for many people ducking outside for a doobie, is keeping cannabis away from their children. “I have a seventeen-year-old who lives with me fifty percent of the time,” he explains. 

“I never smoke weed in the house, but it also gives me a place to go that is my private space. I can be out here, have some puffs, and go watch a movie with him later on. It allows us to have a comfortable lifestyle where he is not exposed to the weed lifestyle. He’s too young for it.”

Setting plays a critical role in the enjoyment of cannabis, toking outside in the middle of winter is not a suitable setting. “It’s not comfortable,” agrees @420iloveweed about being outside in those frosty Canadian winters.

“People go outside for a few minutes, while I’m out here for an hour or more. The only negative would be tidying up after a night of seshing within the shed, but it’s always good fun. Hahaha.”

The sesh shed is not just an escape from the elements, it’s a setting that enhances the overall enjoyment of weed by showcasing a niche cannabis subculture passion.

In a legal world, a sesh space is the equivalent of a superfan decorating a room in team colours, or a ‘70s basement bar complete with wood panelling. For cannabis consumers unable to pursue a space within the walls of their home, a sesh shed is just as awesome.

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