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Devil’s Lettuce Cannabis Strain Information and Review


Every now and then, there’s the day from hell that’s stressful as heck, and all you want to do is take the edge off. 

That’s when cannabis compels you – to reach for a bong and exorcise some demons. 

Devil’s Lettuce strain (aka Devils Fruit ) is precisely the weed for the job. 

Sativa/Indica Indoor yield Outdoor yield Flower period
30%/70% 1.9 oz/ft² 21 oz/plant 8-9 weeks

This award-winning indica dominant hybrid – the unholy union spawn of Shiskaberry and Great White Shark – originated in Spain as the cultivation masterpiece of MedicalSeedS. 

About Devil’s Lettuce cannabis strain

Devils Lettuce strain seeds are also available from Cannarado, FloraVega, Terrapin Care Station, and Humminbird Hills Horticulture, but be careful. 

Though these varieties share a name, they don’t always share parents. 

Check the genetics description carefully when searching for the best Devils Lettuce strain price. “You’d rather it be the devil you know,” right? 

Devils Lettuce is a resinous strain, producing potent forest green buds dripping in white trichomes, with vibrant orange pistils and beautiful accents of purple within its foliage. 

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Information about Devils Lettuce strain

Origin Shiskaberry, Great White Shark
Plant type 30% Sativa, 70% Indica
THC 18%-22%
CBD 2%
Effects Euphoric
Fragrance Sour citrus
Pungent cheese
Flavors Sweet
Adverse Reaction Dry eyes, dry mouth, couch lock
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Yield 1.9 oz/ft² (indoors), 21 oz/plant (outdoors)
Grow difficulty Moderate

Devil’s Lettuce strain yield

Devils Lettuce strain originated in Spain, which has a predominantly Mediterranean climate. So, naturally, this plant enjoys a warm and humid environment. 

These plants will thrive outdoors in a suitable climate, reaching upwards of 8ft (98″) in height and producing up to 21 oz/plant. 

Though the plants will be smaller indoors, grows are equally rewarding, with yields averaging 1.9 oz/ft².

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Devil’s Lettuce strain THC content

Devil’s Lettuce strain didn’t earn its name for being innocent; it possesses far too much power for that. 

Devils Lettuce strain THC percentage averages around 18% and can get as high as 22%. It’s not all pure evil, though.

It can contain up to 2% CBD, providing a range of benefits for those suffering from certain ailments. 

Devil’s Lettuce strain effects

Devil’s Lettuce strain effects

Contrary to the name, Devils Lettuce strain effects are surprisingly more happiness and euphoria than fire and brimstone, leaving the body relaxed and at ease, while still enjoying a productive and insightful head-high. 

It comes on fast like a bat out of hell, but in a welcoming wave of mental energy, sparking creativity and invigoration. 

Devils Lettuce strain is an indica dominant strain (70%indica to 30%sativa ), and it shows. 

After the initial head-high, it eases into a full-body high, gently lulling you into a state of relaxation and light sedation. 

It’s the perfect companion to round up a long day. Put your feet up in front of a good (or bad) movie and let it usher you into an evening of unwinding and bliss. 

Its mentally uplifting qualities have shown incredible results when paired against chronic stress, fatigue, lack of focus or appetite, and sleep problems. 

Its 2% CBD content makes it equally effective in soothing discomfort associated with pain, cramps, migraines, and inflammation. 

Devil’s Lettuce strain fragrance 

Devils Lettuce strain fragrance 

To call Devil’s Lettuce a temptress would be an understatement. After all, what kind of devil would it be if it didn’t entice you? 

Devils Lettuce strain weed has a fragrance similar to its dualistic nature; one part of its aroma is fresh, earthy, and inviting, while the other is sour and dank, reeking of ammonia. 

These scents work cohesively, creating a balanced blend of sweet fruity elements, sour citrus, and pungent cheese

It’ll be a cold day in hell before you decline a hit of this seductive bud.  

Devil’s Lettuce strain fragrance 

Devil’s Lettuce strain flavors

Devils Lettuce strain weed strain tastes – dare we say it – heavenly. When smoking Devils Lettuce strain, the most prominent flavors are sweet, sour, and spicy, with fruity undertones (now that Devil Fruit alias makes more sense). 

There’s Terpinolene with its citrus-like flavors and notes of wood, the strong spice and muskiness of B-Caryophyllene, and finally, the exotic sweet fruits and rich earth that Myrcene delivers. 

It’s as if the terpene profile was dancing amongst itself for center stage, culminating in a full-bodied flavor that is as smooth as it is delicious. 

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Devils Lettuce strain negative reactions

I could share everything great about the Devils Lettuce weed strain all day, but sometimes you’ve got to remain impartial and play devil’s advocate (had enough devil puns yet?). 

So on that, we have to lay out a couple of Devils Lettuce strain effects that aren’t entirely awesome (although manageable), like dry mouth and red eyes. 

If you don’t know by now, it’s a good time to learn: most cannabis will probably leave you feeling this way (especially the more potent strains). 

That’s okay, though. A glass of water and some eye drops will have that sorted in no time.

If you’re over-confident or a more intermediate user, you may experience mild anxiety or paranoia.

These reactions are most common when users have consumed too much too soon. 

Also, Devils Lettuce is a myrcene-containing, indica leaning, THC dominant hybrid, so couch lock is a real possibility. 

Again, this is especially true if you over-consume. Yes, this Devils Lettuce strain review may have you drooling at the mouth, but you’ll have to practice some restraint.

Growing Devil’s Lettuce strain 

Growing Devil’s Lettuce strain 

Although MedicalSeedS states seeds are “sold exclusively as adult collectible souvenirs,” they offer some Devils Lettuce strain grow info. Here’s what we know:

Devils Lettuce strain seeds produce tightly-packed plants that are relatively easy to grow indoors and outdoors

As mentioned previously in this Devils Lettuce strain review, it hails from Spain, where the temperatures are warm and mildly humid. 

These plants are at their best when they’re soaking up the light, so pruning, topping, and trimming are necessary. 

Devils Lettuce strain weed is not particularly fussy and is fairly bug and mold resistant.

However, improper lighting can cause excess leaf growth, while lack of airflow can cause a build-up of moisture. 

Expose those lower and inner buds to plenty of light and ventilation, and you’ll be smiling like a devil come harvest. Follow our guide for more growing tips.

Devil’s Lettuce strain flowering time
Devil’s Lettuce strain flowering time

Devil’s Lettuce strain flowering time

Devils Lettuce strain will start flowering around mid-October if you’ve opted to grow outdoors

If you prefer growing indoors, you can expect flowering in about 56-65 days ( 8-9 weeks). 

You can harvest the plant earlier to get more CBD in your yields, but this will lower your Devil’s Lettuce strain THC percentage.

Devils Lettuce genetics

A quick look at Devils Lettuce strain info and its genetic lineage is all the assurance you need that this strain is top-notch as far as quality goes. 

Being the hybrid offspring of Shiskaberry and Great White Shark strains, Devils Lettuce has Afghani strain genetics on both sides of its family. 
Within its lineage, you can also find Super Skunk strain, Purple Thai, and Skunk #1.

FAQs About the Devil’s Lettuce

Why is Cannabis Called The Devil’s Lettuce?

Well, it’s hard to say who originally coined the term. Still, it’s safe to say it probably started around the time of the Cannabis Prohibition of the 1930s, when anti-cannabis propaganda and smear campaigns were rife. The term “Devils Lettuce” was used to create a negative association with cannabis and used as an indirect means of enacting racist-based policies to outlaw cannabis use. 

Is the Devil’s Lettuce Strain Red?

No, despite the name, Devils Lettuce strain is not red. The weed strain is green, just like most other cannabis strains. However, there is red lettuce. Although red lettuce won’t get you high, it’ll add some flavor and color to your next salad.

What’s the difference between Devils Lettuce (Devil Fruit) by MedicalSeedS, Cannarado, FloraVega, Terrapin Care Station, and Humminbird Hills Horticulture?

To keep it simple, here is a breakdown: 

– MedicalSeedS and FloraVega both cross Shiskaberry with Great White Shark. Most consider this the authentic blend.
– Cannarado contains Sour Dubble. It’s likely crossed with Fire OG, judging by the strain’s characteristics.
– Terrapin Care Station is a mix of Grapefruit Durban and Hell’s OG.
– And finally, a combination of Fruity Pebbles OG x AMD (Heirloom African) is behind the Humminbird Genetics variety.


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