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Dabbing Just Got Easier With This New Dab Rig Kit


Five clicks turns it on, use the plus and minus symbols to control the heat between 450 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Click twice and the red light will start blinking, this is your indicator that things are heating up. If your Wand dies, it is no sweat .. you can still use the device while it is hooked up to the wall charger.

To continue to get things set up, you then will want to attach the stand and the attachment together, then slide the attachment on to the wand handle. Please note that this is if you have also purchased the stand and the attachment. Next, place the wand hole on top of the rig by adjusting the legs of the stand. Be careful to not break the neck of your rig due to the weight of the wand. And make sure the button of the wand is facing up.

You will know when it is done heating up because the wand will say “time over.” Expect it to take about 30 seconds to heat. 

The best part of this device, not worry about getting burned by a torch anymore, Ispire makes heating up whatever you are smoking so easy with the Wand. 

This is another product from Ispire that we find to be super convenient, easy to use and definitely worth the $169.99. 


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