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Feature image courtesy of Jetpack Aviation

We’ve come a long way from the caveman days and it’s kind of mind-blowing when you think about it. As a species, we’ve created some unimaginable tools and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Human ingenuity is an incredible thing.

This crossword puzzle is all about amazing inventions about to hit the mainstream. In order to answer the questions, you won’t need to know specifics, all it will take is imagination. Smoke some sativa and get ready to think creatively. This is a crazy invention crossword puzzle and the future is now.


If you fumble your last dollop of ketchup, have no fear! There’s a device for that. Created by Japanese company Furukawakikou, the SWITL robot hand can scoop up semi-liquid material without changing its shape or leaving a mess.

Rewalk Exoskeletons

Facilitating mobility, the company ReWalk makes exoskeletons and a number of different models are available. Each one is made to be light and can be worn at home. ReWalk devices are powered to sit, stand, walk, turn and navigate stairs. Each device costs roughly eighty thousand USD. Depending on the model, each flight can be expected to last for eight to ten minutes.

Image courtesy of ReWalk

Personal Jetpacks

Have you ever dreamed of flying alone in the sky like a bird? If you have, that dream can become a reality. Jetpack Aviation is a California-based company and they can help make it happen for you. The company has created not one but two different models, and both are available to the public. For five grand USD, you can take their three-day piloting course and learn to fly one. According to their website, each model hits max speeds of 125mph and max heights of eighteen thousand feet.

Solar-powered saltwater purifier

MIT researchers have created a solar-powered, saltwater purifier and it only weighs around twenty pounds. Unlike other portable units, this device doesn’t use any filters or pumps. Instead, it uses an electrical charge to remove particles from the water. Because of its unique purification method, the units are inexpensive to make and require very little maintenance. On top of that, It automatically generates drinking water that exceeds World Health Organization quality standards.

Thank you for playing this week’s crossword puzzle!

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