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Comes A Time: Adam Bramlage

This week on Comes A Time while Oteil is off making incredible music for some of you listeners, Adam Bramlage is back to talk with Mike about the fascinating history of psychedelic mysticism, the roots of the Grateful Dead in American culture, and integrating microdosing into your life so that you do the healing, not the psychedelic. They also discuss obstacles in the path of legalizing psychedelics, a theory that Jesus was a mushroom, admitting that you “don’t know,” and the bright future of Adam’s microdosing education company, Flow State Micro.

Adam Bramlage is the founder and CEO of Flow State Micro, where he works one-on-one with clients to optimize their microdosing experience. He works daily as an educator, assisting clients with performance enhancement, diet, meditation, neutral thinking and Flow State optimization. Adam has helped hundreds of individuals from all walks of life- from professional athletes to people suffering from depression- achieve results through microdosing in his private practice. In this episode, he shares with listeners what he’s learned through his experience with microdosing, and provides riveting insights that instill hope for a more mindful future in medicine.

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