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“Cocktail Hour with Rick” LIVE at 8 pm on Earth Day 2022: Friday April 22nd!

Rick Serra: TV actor, comedian, friend, humanist, daddy, poppy, uncle, husband, son, brother. Interests: entertainment, supernatural and paranormal investigation, and Another Dirty Room.

The Channel of Rick Serra is a multi-dimensional place. Following his success on the YouTube series “Another Dirty Room” by “thisisdanbell,” Rick steps out on his own and looks for his ‘own voice.’ What Do I want to Pass On to all viewers: Life is FUN. No matter the age, you can always re-create yourself. I love to laugh, and I love to draw others into my ‘mad world.’ Creating content for YOUTUBE does make me put myself out there, but I am hyper-sociable and freely share myself for others. I hope you find the content you need. If you like, please subscribe, and share my existence to your
friends. I am just getting started!

Rick Serra


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