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CLASSIC #1 CBD (SATIVA) Strain Full Detailed Review🔥 UK LEGAL WEED | LEGAL-WEED 25.2% CBD !!🔥🙏


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🙏 Excellent CBD Flower from Legal-Weed!!🙏

I personally really enjoyed this strain from Legal Weed, Overall a really good smoke, the ash was really clean, some of the cleanest ash I’ve had with CBD flower to be honest with you. Let me know what you people think of the review, I appreciate all the love and support I’ve been getting from you recently, lets smash this!

This strain is absolutely perfect for the people who suffer with anxiety and stress and even pain, I really recommend this one if you’re wanting to purchase from Legal Weed! Make sure to subscribe and leave a like guys, I appreciate all the support!

All UK Legal weed, contains no THC or very small traces of THC. I’m going to be reviewing several companies on this channel in the future including; Hemp Hash, Hemp elf, buzzing buddha, thecbdflowershop, Subscribe and make sure all notifcations are on!!


-just realised I inserted the wrong joint clip but the ash was very very similar if not the exact same 🙏

ALL Products I review on this channel are UK LEGAL whether that’s flowers, wax/concentrates, edibles, oils etc etc it will always be UK legal and within the legal THC limits. I have a few orders coming in from buzzing buddha and h town hemp to be reviewing soon for you guys! hope you’re enjoying the CBD / UK Legal Cannabis videos. It’s insane the amount of support I’ve been getting from you guys, love to you all! stay safe out there during this weird time. PEACE!


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