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During the Cold War, a CIA agent had a tough job. They had to secretly engage in dangerous activities while completely avoiding detection, as being caught would result in torture and death. To aid the agents in their endeavors, the Central Intelligence Agency created some crazy spy gadgets. Some of these inventions are so creative and unimaginable, they have been featured in modern-day movies. 

Are you spy gadget savvy?

Do you know what a CIA agent has hiding up their sleeve? Can you detect the undetectable? Here’s a crossword filled with facts about CIA spy gadgets; particularly, the ones used in Moscow during the Cold War. 


During the cold war, CIA agents in Moscow were constantly having to throw off any Russian BLANK. Spy gadgets were a necessity. The SSR-100 was a surveillance detection device that consisted of three parts and sat in the ear canal. It was molded to the ear and painted to disguise its presence. Using an SSR-100, a CIA agent could tap into KGB radio frequencies to ensure they weren’t being watched. When surveillance was detected, the agent would cease all operations and act normally.

5-second mask

The 5-second mask was created to be light and thin, as it had to be super easy to conceal. Each one was custom-made for each agent. 

Jack in the box

The Jack in the box was a small device meant for a car. When engaged, it would inflate a decoy passenger. This was a useful tool when a car was under surveillance. The driver would take two right-hand turns, let the passenger out and engage the Jack in the box. By the time the following agents turned the corner, they would still see two silhouettes and follow the car. 

Dead rat

The CIA had to find a way to transfer goods to and from an agent without being detected. They had a theory, no one would pick up a dead rat. Using taxidermy techniques, the CIA had dead rats made into pouches for trafficking goods. Each rat could fit items such as rolls of bills or folded up documents and, they were dipped in tabasco sauce to deter any natural predators. 

Heart Attack Gun

The ‘heart attack gun’ was made with the poison from a blowfish. It would shoot a poison projectile that would dissolve inside the victim and induce a heart attack.

False scrotum

The false scrotum was created as a concealment device to be used during strip searches. Each one was custom-made to match the agent’s skin tone and hair profile. 

Glove Pistol

Just like it sounds, this small weapon was concealed in the knuckle area of a glove and would fire when the victim was punched.

Rectal tool kit

Rectal tool kits were small, smooth, and made to help a captured agent escape. They were filled with anywhere from ten to thirteen small tools, including saws, pliers, a chisel, and metal file.

Cyanide pills

If an agent was caught, faced a torturous death, and knew that there was no escape, the CIA provided a way for them to opt-out, cyanide pills. They had to be hidden in everyday objects that would likely stay with an agent.

Pens – Agents were given pens that contained an ampule of cyanide in the pen cap. They would simply suck on the end of the pen cap and the dose would kill them before they hit the floor.

Glasses – One hiding place for cyanide pills was the bow stem of a pair of glasses. It was made so that the agent could take off the glasses and suck on the end.

Stay tuned for next week’s crossword all about the KGB spy gadgets used during the Cold War.


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