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CBD Vape Oil + Anxiety | Lorena Decanini CBD Review

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Hi, I’m Lorena Decanini, I’m a producer and P.R person. I am always on the run jumping from one appointment to the other one, and barely have any time to breathe.
I’m a working mom., and one of my friends noticed that I was having a lot of anxiety and smoking a lot. She gave me an advice; try a CBD Vape pen. So after that, I decided to give it a chance. I did my research and I found Green Lotus Hemp. I was so ecstatic because they have so many products and I decided to give a chance to the (Vape) Pen and I bought this Lotion (Hemp Healing Salve). It has so healing properties that i decided like why not?

I am smoking less than before and I prefer my Vape Pen that I can smoke anywhere.

I can tell you that with my Vape and my cream I find the relief that I was needing, which allows me to keep up during my busy days.


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