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CBD Oil Review – PureKana CBD Oil Tincture Review for Anxiety

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This CBD oil review was of the PureKana CBD Tincture. I bought the mint-flavored tincture. All in all, it is a great product. It tastes good, is sourced from pretty good hemp, and is legal in all 50 states.

This CBD tincture from PureKana is probably made from CBD distillate which means it will not taste like hemp. Because it is flavored with mint, it actually gives a nice refreshing taste.

PureKana sources their hemp in Kentucky and uses CO2 extraction to extract the CBD oil.

This CBD oil review gives the PureKana tincture a 4-star rating.

The only thing that prevents it from a 5-star rating is the fact that it is $139 on their website. This is a pretty average price for a top-quality CBD tincture, but I still think it is too much money. Spend that much on CBD, but if you want a break in price, I would go with Green Method Farms.

With their CBD oil tincture, you will get the same quality (if not a little better because it has more minor cannabinoids) for about $100 less. They charge $45 for their 1000mg CBD tincture. It is way cheaper for the same quality oil that was farmed and extracted in the high desert of Central Oregon.
High-quality CBD oil at a very small price. We can guarantee our CBD because we grew the hemp ourselves in our farm, extracted the oil at one of the best labs in the country, and formulated the CBD for the most positive effects.

This CBD has been known to help with anxiety, pain, sleep and other things. Please submit any questions about CBD in the comments section.

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Please consult a medical doctor before trying any CBD products. CBD is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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CBD oil review – PureKana

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