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CBD Isolate Powder Review!

Got a nice little CBD haul from buy legal meds. Super great products been using them for years! I love the Syrups and Tincture! Go check them out! Stay tuned for more CBD product reviews and more!

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We got some tasty Cloud N9ne Watermelon Syrup, Activ8 Peppermint Tincture, and Activ8 CBD Isolate Powder⚠️

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This video is strictly for education! This is a review and does not focus on drugs or paraphernalia in any way. There is no tobacco products shown in this video. The only thing shown is CBD HEMP which is legal in all 50 states and is not a drug or paraphernalia. I am not glorifying anything illegal like drugs or paraphernalia. My video is done by professionals in a controlled environment. This is suitable for all viewers. My goal is to educate you on buylegalmeds website and educate you on what cbd is and what’s the benefits of using cbd products. ⚠️EDUCATIONAL PURPOSED ONLY⚠️


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