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CBD as a Natural Remedy to Eczema


CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and now, CBD products are becoming a popular choice as a natural remedy for eczema sufferers. While some critics question the effectiveness of CBD, a growing body of research provides insight on the science behind cannabinoids’ relationship to our body. 

What is eczema

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a chronic skin condition that causes the skin to become dry, red, and itchy, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Approximately 10 percent of the world’s population develops eczema, and there are currently no cures. Common eczema triggers include allergies, seasonal changes, dry skin, perfumes and chemical irritants, and stress.

The relationship between eczema and allergies is called the “atopic triad.” Meaning, those with eczema often have an autoimmune trio of eczema, asthma and allergies. Purported causes of eczema include genetic issues with filaggrin, which controls the skin barrier.

One common treatment approach for eczema is corticosteroids — however, topical steroid withdrawal reactions in patients have caused sufferers to seek alternative treatments.

How does CBD help treat eczema?

Researchers found that topical CBD can reduce eczema-related itching by an average of 60 percent. To counter the most burdensome symptoms of eczema, such as unbearable itching, pain and subsequent insomnia due to sleep disturbance, eczema patients turn to CBD products ranging from topical creams to oil tinctures. According to a 2019 study, a CBD-enriched ointment significantly improved the skin condition and subdued the chronic itch. Researchers suggest that CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) causes the reproduction of skin cells, which creates the therapeutic benefit of anti-inflammation and helps restore the skin barrier. CBD is also a natural sleep aid, providing additional relief to eczema patients struggling with insomnia.

Furthermore, a 2020 study discovered that CBD is anti-microbial. It seems CBD acts as a helper compound against bacteria such as staph, commonly found on top of our skin, but is often a big allergic trigger for eczema patients. In effect, CBD can potentially address the worrying symptom of chronic skin infections experienced by those with severe cases of eczema.

For those interested in the best CBD balms for eczema, a good place to start might be the BOTA ultra rich satin body cream, a fragrance and chemical free topical with high CBD content and deep moisture.

Although CBD’s effect on eczema has yet to be researched as extensively as its pharmaceutical counterparts, dermatologists predict that an increasing acceptance of CBD as a viable treatment by the medical field will allow for more studies in the future.


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