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CBD 3D Strain Review!!

We are hitting the 8th strain review from The Cannabist, this one is a first for me as it is CBD dominant. Cultivated from the mind of Snoop D O Double G it is the CBD & Sativa strain known as CBD 3D!! I put my old school 3D glasses on for this ride, let’s get it!

**Disclaimer**- I am not compensated in anyway by any company or entity that may appear in my reviews. I pay for all products out of pocket & give the absolute most honest review that I can while I try to maintain some level of entertainment!! I am trying to help educate people about the quality of the company & products as well as the effects of the products. I am not a Doctor, rather just a dude with some knowledge & the desire to help the growing Medical Cannabis Community not only in West Virginia but anywhere I can reach!


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