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Catskill Hemp Co(CBD Review)

Catskill Hemp Co

Not trying to delve too deep into the personals, but the CBD helps and the reason I’m actively exploring it, is personal. Therefore I began delving into the world of hemp and Catskill Hemp Co has such a quality product overall, I can’t believe the difference it makes, I feel compelled to review it. There’s still a lot of confusion on the byproducts of hemp, and I think I’m starting to gain a mild understanding, however this is not a lesson. There are great resources for these things and I implore you to Google search something along the lines of, THCo, HHC, Delta8, etc….

The standard hemp flower is regs, comparable to the rest of the nicer ones I have tried in the past few years. The indoor hemp(CBD) flower is comparable to SOME of the indoor THC you see in the REC shops. The delta8 flower freaks me out(oil coated flower), it is better than others, and there is a harsh throat to Delta8, in my opinion, but that is based on EVERY D8 flower I have ever tried. It works the body but not sure how good smoking oil covered flower is for the health overall. The D8 cartridge is extremely soft and fairly tasty, and I use it religiously. The HHC is mild in flower or cart form and seem to be like a stronger D8, with a little more head. The THCo is a little too heady, and I’m trying to figure out a good dosage. It’s hard to tell the body when the head is going too fast, so I’ll have to try it some day when I feel up to the task.

Catskill Hemp Co, recommended! (Indoor flower or cartridge, any variation/strain that works for you!)


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