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Cannabis Rights in Canada Crossword Puzzle – Cannabis News, Lifestyle


Last weekend was Canada Day… or, as it’s affectionately known in the stoner community, Cannabis Day. It’s a time of year when we celebrate where we live, showing gratitude for our afforded privileges. While life in Canada is far from perfect, our country’s laws are continuing to progress; reflecting more of what the people want. When it comes to cannabis, this could not be more true. In honor of Canada Day and the country’s legal progression, here is a cannabis rights in Canada crossword puzzle. Give it a try. It’s not that hard. 

This puzzle will not only quiz you on past laws, there are many questions pertaining to the present. Thus, do the crossword for a refresher on your rights (something we could all could use from time to time). Find all the answers written below. 

Canadian Cannabis Law in the Past

In 1923, cannabis was added to the list of prohibited drugs classified in the Opium and Narcotics Drug Act. Remembered as the ‘father of prohibition’, Prime Minister Mackenzie King pushed for the legislation to go through; making Canada one of the first countries to legally outlaw cannabis.

Prime Minister Mackenzie King, The Father of Canadian Prohibition

In 2000, the courts ruled that Canadians have the constitutional right to use cannabis as medicine. This change in the law gave medical patients the right to use the bud and plant material only. 

Back in 2012 in Victoria BC, a medical cannabis bakery was busted by the police. The cookie baker, Owen Smith, was arrested and charged with trafficking. Thankfully, he fought the charges. Thanks to the 2015 court decision from R v Smith, medical cannabis can be us in any form. Instead of only being able to access dried flower, the right to use edibles, topicals, and concentrates was legally established in Canadian law.

Owen Smith – Photo Courtesy of The Times Colonist

Canadian Cannabis Laws Today – Your Rights

On October 17th, 2018, recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada. If you are of legal age and are traveling within Canada, you can possess up to thirty grams of dried cannabis (domestic flights included). When it comes to blazing in BC, you can smoke cannabis anywhere you can smoke tobacco. If you go camping, you can bring weed. According to Parks Canada, cannabis can be consumed at a rented campsite; Your space is given the same rights as your private residence. 

Thanks for playing this week’s crossword puzzle! Want more? Click here for a puzzle on Stoner Adulting Success.


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