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Cannabis MSO Ayr Wellness (AYRWF)

Jonathan Sandelman is the chairman and CEO of Ayr Wellness, a growing vertically-integrated U.S. multi-state cannabis operator focused on delivering high-quality cannabis products and an elevated experience across all of its dispensaries.

As a 30-year Wall Street veteran, Jon has a history of delivering value to investors.. He previously served as president of Bank of America Securities, building its capital markets businesses through the early 2000s and growing the company beyond its roots as a consumer and corporate lender. He later founded and led his own multi-billion dollar asset management firm, Sandelman Partners. In addition to his role at Ayr, Jon manages his privately held family office, Mercer Park LP.

Jon recognized that the cannabis sector has the potential to be the next major industry of our time and that led him to found Ayr Wellness, building it up from the first cannabis SPAC to one of the top U.S. multi-state operators in just two years. His success stems from his investment in Ayr’s employees, customers, and communities, as well as his strong philosophy around the company’s disciplined approach to capital and expansion. As Ayr continues to grow, Jon envisions the company leading the cannabis sector in profitability, governance and transparency, all beginning with the highest quality products that enrich the everyday lives of consumers with “wellness and wonder” benefits.

With the plant at the heart of all we do, our vision for the future is to be a force for good and to bring lasting positive change to our communities, our industry & our world. We serve our customers best by learning who they are, why they use cannabis, and what we can do to elevate their experience through our products and services. This deeper understanding gives way to invaluable insight and drives our product innovation, our unique approach to retail, and how we create better relationships in the communities we serve.

We value lifelong learning & believe that maintaining curiosity is the key to growth and progress. We are committed to evolving ourselves intellectually & pursuing the path of wellness for ourselves & our communities. We’re here to listen and create, to share our knowledge and reshape the narrative for the cannabis consumer. We deliver guidance through expertise & enthusiasm, but more importantly through a deeper understanding of the needs & desires of our consumers. Our unparalleled quality begins with exceptional genetics identified by our team of masterful cultivators. As true artisans of their craft, they are deeply connected to the cannabis plant and pride themselves on their meticulous handling and stewardship of the cultivation process. The attention and dedication invested alongside utilizing the very best cutting edge technology is what takes our flower from excellent to extraordinary.

00:00 – Intro
00:51 – Ayr’s name origin
01:28 – The MORE Act
02:30 – Air Wellness, MSO
03:40 – Expansion
08:10 – Limited license state & Vertical Integration
09:35 – Interstate commerce VS state redundancies
12:27 – Top talent during the Great Resignation
15:57 – Pot Stocks VS ESG & SRI
24:03 – Sin Stocks
30:00 – The hippie VS Wall Street debate
34:12 – Top revenue drivers
36:10 – Words for skeptical Investors
37:55 – Final thoughts
42:00 – What happens when flower’s at 40% market share?
45:15 – Outré

Jon Sandelman Chairman, Chief Executive Officer at Ayr Wellness

Josh Kincaid, Capital Markets Analyst & host of your cannabis business podcast.

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