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Cannabis Leaf Symptoms to Identify Plant Problems (By Pictures)


This cannabis leaf symptom checker will help you to quickly identify marijuana plant problems and easily diagnose sick marijuana plants!

Learn more about common cannabis leaf problems, nutrients, diseases, stresses, pests, and bugs. Click on any picture for detailed information about a particular marijuana problem, deficiency or symptom and find out what’s wrong with your plant.

What kind of problems are you having?

Nutrient Problems

Cannabis Nutrient Deficiency Chart

Major and Minor Elements Excess Deficiency
Nitrogen Deficiency
Nitrogen Deficiency
Yellowing of leaves is traveling upward fast Pale Color Leaves
Yellow Leaves
Yellowing Between Veins
Old Leaves Falling Off
Withering / Sagging Leaves
Phosphorus Deficiency
Darkening (dark green, blue, or gray) of the lower, older leaves
Thickening and spot forming (bronze, purple, or brown in color) on lower leaves
Mottled or mosaic-patterned leaves
Yellowing of leaves
Twisting and curling of leaves
Burning and dying of leaf tips
Old leaves falling off
Stem discoloration (red or purple)
Twisted or stunted new growths
Root rot
Potassium Deficiency
Potassium Deficiency
Brown or burnt leaf edges
Dark, brown spots
Stretching – characterized by large spaces between nodes
Plant is too tall
Pale colored leaves
Yellowing of the lower, older leaves
Death of leaf tips
Spots on leaves
Older leaves falling off
Slowed growth
Curling leaves (under or upward)
Buds not getting fatter
Copper Deficiency
Browning or burnt leaf edges
Slowed growth
Twisted or abnormal plant growth
Boron Deficiency
Purple or darkened leaf color
Dark brown spots on leaves
Thicker growth tips
Browning or burnt leaf edges
Slowed growth
Twisted or abnormal plant growthCopper Deficiency
Calcium Deficiency
Leaves’ green color darkening
Large, light brown necrotic spots
Tips of leaves curling
Leaves are dying off
Stunted growth
Young shoots are discolored – purple or yellow
Stems and branches are weak
Roots may begin dying off or turning brown
Iron Deficiency
Iron Deficiency
Signs of deficiencies in other nutrients such as manganese, phosphorous, zinc, calcium, or copper Young leaves turn pale yellow 
Minimal bud sites
Magnesium Deficiency
Petioles and stems become purple in color
Light brown spotting on the edges
Development of red stems
Yellowing and weakening of the lowest leaves
Leaves start turning inward and soon die
Growing shoots will start going from pale green to white
Manganese Deficiency
Manganese deficiency in marijuana plants
Speckling / Patchy Pattern
Top Leaves / Newer Growth Damaged
Pale Color Leaves
New Leaves Turning Yellow
Yellowing Between Veins
Slow Growth
Molybdenum Deficiency
Mottled, spotted leaves
Abnormal coloring that starts at the leaf’s center
Older leaves located towards the base start to yellow
Discoloration of leaf edges: orange, red, or pink in color around edges
Sulfur Deficiency
Upper leaves and newer growth damaged Pale color leaves
Yellow leaves on lower leaves
Yellowing between veins
Limited plant growth
Buds not thickening
Zinc Deficiency
Speckled / Patchy Pattern
Non-vertical Growth
Yellow Leaves On New Growth and veins
Leaf Tips Appear Burnt
Leaves Curl Under

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