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? Cannabis Jobs ? 2018: TOP 11 BEST WEED JOBS


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Work in the cannabis industry is an exciting prospect for marijuana enthusiasts. Who would’ve thought that you could one day make money working with cannabis? In fact, the marijuana industry has become incredibly lucrative for many people, and it creates a lot of potential for jobs in the USA. If you’re having doubts about jobs in the marijuana industry, just use Tom Greenhand as inspiration. He made a job out of being a professional joint roller. If you roll with your passion, you can literally do anything.

So if you’re in love with ganja and looking for work, now is the right time to be alive. There are many different jobs available in the cannabis industry and plenty of ways to get involved. Whatever your skills are, you can basically guarantee that someone in the marijuana industry needs you. I’ve compiled a list of the most popular cannajobs according to advertisements on to make things easy for you. In this article, you should be able to find all the information you need about how to get involved in the world of weed.

11 Best Weed Jobs

As a Budtender in a Dispensary


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Being a budtender is probably the most obvious job choice of them all. A quick browse online proves that there are many positions out there for budtenders in the USA. Depending on what state you live in, you can even be spoiled for choice. Some states have more dispensaries than others, and this means there’s a little less competition and a better chance of finding work. Having said that, the budtender is the most important person in the dispensary – so that means you have to really impress employers to get this job.

For those who don’t know, being a budtender involves being a good talker. You have to know the products very well. It also involves being up to date with all the news about strain information. You have to really like dealing with people to be a budtender, because that’s basically what you do all day. Unfortunately, competition gets tougher to become a budtender, and there are now certification courses that some employers require. That’s right – you can get certified to sell weed. But be careful! Not all courses are equal and you don’t want to end up wasting money on a course that won’t get you the job you want.

Dispensary managers

Dispensaries need managers as much as they need budtenders. If you have experience in managerial positions, there’s no reason why you can’t translate that to the marijuana industry.

Especially if you love the herb. In fact, managers don’t need to know as much as budtenders when it comes to products. But they do need to know all about scheduling shifts, counting money and doing all things managerial.

This is a higher end job that requires a lot of work. I doubt this kind of job will be available to just anybody, as you have to prove that you’re able to manage a business without freaking out. Managing a dispensary can be a tough job, especially in one that has a tendency to be busy a lot of the time.


As you can imagine, dispensaries need to be stocked up with weed to sell. And this weed is coming from all the cultivators and growers around the USA. If you’re into botany, this is a great job for you.

Growers have the opportunity to sell their home grown weed and earn money growing something they probably smoke anyway. It’s really important that you know the laws of the state that you live in. If you get caught with a ton of plants in your basement, you could be in trouble.

Some states also require a growing license. So get on top of that before you start cultivating marijuana. If you’ve been growing for a while, then you’re also in a better position to sell to dispensaries. These days, they are stocked with high quality weed. There isn’t really any room for shitty weed anymore!

Edibles Chefs

That’s right! The marijuana industry needs chefs. When you walk into a dispensary, there are all kinds of edibles for sale. If your creativity is in the kitchen, you could be qualified to create a wide range of cannabis infused products. They range from THC gummies to chocolates to cannabis infused kombuchas. In fact, the more creative you are, the better your chances are at getting a job as an edibles chef.

If your work history contains being a pastry chef or a baker, it will probably be easy to be employed as an edibles chef. Most edibles err on the sweet side of food, meaning that stoners really love a good hash pastry. It has to be much more involved than a simple cannabutter recipe and a simple brownie these days. Like cannabis-infused chocolate covered strawberries? Yes, please!

Dispensary security guards

As well as budtenders, dispensaries are almost always looking for security officers. There can be a lot of illegal activity taking place around dispensaries, and they are always looking for protection.

Security guards are usually in charge of checking green cards as well as making sure people are overage before letting them inside to purchase marijuana products. You don’t really have to have had any experience in the marijuana industry for this job.

A resume that includes having been a security officer at a nightclub, strip club or anywhere else will suffice. There’s usually licensing involves with being a security officer, to be sure to look that up before applying for jobs at dispensaries.

Bud Trimmers

It’s become something like a fashion to travel around trimming weed for different growers these days. It’s definitely a good way to make money really fast. This job is usually seasonal, meaning there aren’t always a lot of jobs available all the time. October is usually the busiest time of the year for trimmers, with plenty of work coming up. Bear in mind that when it comes to trimming, it isn’t an hourly paying job. You only get paid for as much weed as you can trim.

Arm yourself with a really sharp pair of scissors before you apply for trimming. And be prepared to be a little bit uncomfortable for a while. The best jobs are usually out on farms in the middle of nowhere, meaning you might have to be camping while you work. In general, smaller growing operations don’t need to employ so many trimmers. So the best bet for finding work is at bigger cultivations and growing operations.

Marijuana journalists

Blogs like this one don’t always get filled up for free. They require writers who have an interest in everything marijuana. That’s right. Even the marijuana industry needs journalists. What a way to take your creative abilities to the next level. Remember when they told you in school that you wouldn’t ever get a job if you smoked weed? Well, that isn’t true. Especially for marijuana journalists.

If you’re the kind that gets to travel with your job, chances are you get to smoke weed with many famous stoners in order to do your job. The same is true if you get to write strain reviews. You can’t be reviewing strains if you don’t smoke them, right?

To get a job as a marijuana journalist, try being in contact with your favorite cannabis culture magazines, blogs, and even dispensaries. Many seed banks and dispensaries need writers to maintain their websites and market their products. Even this industry is starting to develop a huge competition. But the good news is that the number of online marijuana publications continues to grow.

Extraction technicians

If you’re into weed and are a little bit geeky, perhaps being an extraction technician is the job for you. This is one of those jobs for the crazy scientists out there. I can’t say I know much for myself about extraction techniques other than that I have a huge respect for those who have a handle on it. Extractions are one of the most popular products on the marijuana market. And consumers are always looking for a stronger and better quality product.

Being an extraction technician requires knowing a lot about the chemistry and biology of both marijuana and solvents. It also means knowing how to use the machinery and equipment required to do the extractions. This job is definitely not for those who have no background in science or chemistry. It requires an understanding of how to get the terpenoids and cannabinoids out of the plant material and into a very neat little package called an extract. Not a job for the faint hearted!

Marijuana delivery drivers

Medical marijuana Delivery

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One of the coolest services provided by many dispensaries is a delivery service. And that, of course, means that they require delivery men and women. Know how to drive? Ever delivered pizzas before?

Well, this job is pretty easy, especially if you know your way around the city. You will need to check the dispensaries around your town and whether or not they provide a delivery service.

If they don’t, perhaps you can make an offer to become their first delivery person! I guess you’ll need a driver’s license to be eligible for this job!

Sales representatives

You might be able to guess that the way dispensaries and head shops get stocked up with their gear is by sales representatives. Manufacturers and distributors of vaporizers and smoking paraphernalia are always needed to travel out to shops and stock them up with products.

If you’re a good salesperson and don’t mind doing a lot of talking, this can be an extremely lucrative job. Sometimes you can get jobs with medical companies who like you to be friendly with cannabis dispensaries. In any case, to apply for this job, you need to apply with manufacturers and distributors of cannabis products.

Auxiliary jobs that the marijuana industry employs

As well as working within the marijuana industry, there are auxiliary professionals that the marijuana industry is always looking for. This can include bankers, real estate agents, lawyers, and consultants.

It is still hard for marijuana businesses to find people friendly enough to participate in the cannabis industry, and if you’re a professional in one of these fields it can be downright easy to find work.

When you think about it, it could be hard for businesses to find lawyers or real estate agents who are willing to assist those opening canna-businesses. But if you volunteer yourself, it could be a great investment for yourself.

The marijuana industry is almost always looking for knowledgeable professionals who have a lot of friends around the place. This is especially true for lawyers and consultants, who are always required!

Think outside the box when it comes to applying for one of these auxiliary jobs. You can even start inventing new products to sell to the marijuana industry. Maybe you can invent some new smoking paraphernalia or develop a new lighting system for growers. In any case, there’s almost always a way to get a hand in the marijuana industry without even really working inside of it.

How to find work in the cannabis industry

It’s as simple as getting online to find work in the cannabis industry. You can check out as well as other websites such as Indeed. There is more than one online database for employers who are advertising these day. Have fun finding work in the flowering marijuana industry!


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